Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 36 - Birthday New York Style

Yeah it was finally here!!!!!!  The ironic thing is also that it was not only my 36th Birthday but it was on day 36 of my trip... interesting...  Do you think this means anything?
New York heaven... 
  The one thing I wanted to do with this trip was to celebrate my birthday in NYC. Wanted to do it for so long… and it was finally here… I was so excited… 
Across the Road...  I love the brownstones
Since I had such a massive day the day before at Liberty Island I had a late start and just potted around and tried to keep up with the stream of messages coming in via Facebook and the phone.
Looking towards the eastside from the Reservoir  
I was determined to record every part of this day because it is the first one in many years I have spent apart from my twin and doing exactly what I want at my pace.
Enjoying the awesome beautiful blue sky and crisp air 
I wanted to be here to celebrate my 35th but due to circumstances I couldn’t but I am glad I was here this year...  But I was in a much better head space to enjoy it thoroughly for what it was. 
Looking towards the eastside from the Reservoir 
I headed across central park to the “other” side at 5th Avenue so I wandered and enjoyed walking around the reservoir. The day was windy but so crisp and clear. 
the beautiful Bridges 
This is how in all my years of dreaming imagined New York with the crisp cold autumn leaves crunching my feet. 
Central Park Heaven 
So I walked around the reservoir with a smile on my face and probably freaking everyone out because I was smiling.  I loved my extra special birthday to myself.
Enjoying the cold and my extra special birthday present
I was determined to record every moment of that day 
While I will admit on a couple of times that day  I did wish my darling twin sister was there. Albeit only brief… here I was in this big city I did want to share it with her but this was my thing and while I missed her celebrating with me I took comfort in the fact that there was someone in the city was celebrating their birthday too in this big city. 
Walking down the Fall Trees on 5th Ave -
Have I mentioned how in love  I was
Finally made it across the other side of the park and found myself at 5th Ave… wooohooo first time down this end of the avenue…
5th Ave and the amazing homes 
The other side of the park …  5th Ave and 88th St E …  different feel and look to the city. It is amazing how quickly this city changes from block to block and I love it. 
Halloween 5th Ave Style 
I took 10 mins and sat on the edge of the park and just enjoyed the coldness and the noises of the city. With the Guggenheim mere metres away … It was perfect…  I was officially in love with the city and wanted to stay and stay.
The Frick Collection 
So I ventured down 5th Ave along the park…this is a walk that I can highly recommend with the cobblestone footpath all rough and disjointed from the trees lining the pathway. 
On a building - Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself 
The beautiful bluestone brick fence lining the whole of 5th avenue it was so beautiful. Along with the autumn colouring in the leaves on the trees with the leaves fluttering down from the cold wind – I was officially in New York heaven!
Entrance to Central park Zoo
It just seemed to go forever and felt like I was never going to come out at the end. 
Weird things in windows - horse and jockey 
But I walked past so many beautiful old buildings with weird things in windows like almost life size horses… as I walked I saw the building decorated in Halloweens which is still 2 weeks away but the displays are amazing and never seen anything like it.
the Ancient Playground - for the kids not the adults 
Walked past the children’s playground which was all stone like but looked so much fun and made of these cool stone figurines – I wanted to stop and play too. 
The Amazing Met
Then I discovered the Met with the beautiful imposing columns and steps it was so New York! I wanted to stay! Also past the central park zoo which looked just like the movies.
The Horse Drawn Carriages 
Finally find my way downtown 30 or so blocks – yes 30 blocks it amazing how far it seems but it all goes so fast. 
Pulitzer Fountain 
Finally came out near the plaza hotel and the Pulitzer fountain – such NYC icons… along with the smell from the manure from the horse drawn carriages.  I just couldn’t bring myself to do that one by myself.
the Plaza Hotel 
This area is such a lively part of New York with Bergdorf Goodman, the Plaza Hotel, Paris Theatre (yes channelling sex in the city with that one), the world’s busiest apple store with the see through steps.
Inside one of the busiest Apple stores 
FAO Schwartz and then my ultimate destination … Tiffany’s another block away. Hello New York!!!!  Officially best birthday ever!
The Infamous Stairs at the Apple Store  
I wandered the lobby of the Plaza hotel – how amazing was that place was but felt completely out of place looking like a tourist but I was freezing and wasn’t taking off my warm jacket for anyone. 
Apple Store 
I ventured in the apple store… after a quick check in on Facebook because I just had to do it!  It was Apple Store 5th Avenue I needed to record every moment so I could look back and remember every second.
FAO Schwartz 
Then off to FAO Schwartz which is officially toy heaven … so many delights including this massive candy store. 
The "Big Piano" 
This is how a toy store should be … with kids playing with the toys and themed play areas such a space zone, jungle and prehistoric ages etc.
The Plaza Hotel...  It such a cool building 
It was so cool and the top of escalator was the dancing piano that Tom Hanks played in BIG. It was so cool and the kids loved it.
The Plaza Lobby 
Walked past the FAO soldiers which iconic to the store.  Found it hard to choose a present for B & M up and coming impending arrival… so I decided to hold off on it until just before I left. 
Other side of the Park ...  

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