Monday, June 18, 2012

Product Review: 3 Annies Camera Bag

This is a first time I felt that is necessary to review a product but since this is a blog about my photography as much as my life journeys; my new bag is worth a special mention and I am strong believer in helping out new businesses who manufacture quality products and influence my everyday life.
The Marketer in me loves the branding

You can find 3 Annies here
From the iPhone - Close up of the branding
Little bit of background on the owner – she is a photographer and couldn’t find a bag that she loved here in Australia. While there are bags on the market there aren’t really any inexpensive Australian options. Margo is based on the Tweed Coast and has produced an amazing bag. 

the dust bag that it arrived in - HAND Made - Unheard of these days 
The branding that has gone into the bag is fantastic from the amazing handmade dust cover to the stickers and charm that comes attached to the bag.  The only thing that could be improved it adding the logo to the bag in some form or whether it is on the charm that comes with the bag. 
Not only was the ordering process really simple … just sent her an email with delivery information and just paid through PayPal. I went with black because let’s face it I would never trust myself with aqua but the aqua is stunning.   
The Pockets with the Contrast stitching
I ordered at lunch time on Tuesday and it was waiting for me when I got to work on the Wednesday. It has a special introductory price of $199 but that is only until the current stock runs out and then it will be going up to $249. This is still cheaper than purchasing the USA comparable products when you factor in conversion rates and postage. Let’s face we don’t want to have to wait 10 to 14 days for instant gratification.
The Super strong stitching
I have been amazed by the fantastic work that has gone to the design and the creation of the bag. The black is divine and I love the smell of the leather. I have been searching for a long time for the perfect camera bag. The stitching is amazing and the pockets are everywhere. The inners are a masterpiece in how easy they are to use and how practical they are. With the adjustable Velcro it makes too easy to move for the different lenses and for when I get a larger camera body.
Another big big plus is the inner it helps to keep all my stuff that I use on a daily basis under control in the bag because they are mini holders. It fits very comfortably my 3 lens, 50mm 1.8, 15-80mm and 70-200mm plus the camera body, plus my camera cards in the little side pockets with my wallet fitting perfecting into the holder in the inner.
I was able to finally test drive it on the weekend and I walked around town with my camera and 2 lenses, ipad, wallet, and extras I used both the bag handles and the shoulder strap and both were really comfy. I really struggle with bags because of my back and shoulders but it was super comfy and easy to move around with. It will be great for the days that I am tour directing to. I am so pleased with the purchase. The extra side pockets are perfect for the iPhone and anything that I need quickly. I also was able to put my water bottle laid down on the top.
All the evolve photography girls have been ecstatic with their bags as well. So a big Thank you to the wonderful girls at 3 Annies for their masterpiece. Also it was great to buy the bag in Australia and makes my home smell like leather which I love! Audrey Lu and I are going to be great friends!
Love … So check out their Facebook page and send Margo a email and she will have a bag for you. The dimensions and technical are all in the pictures on the Facebook page.

From the front with the Charm and Branding :)


  1. So glad to find a review of these bags!
    I am looking at purchasing one - and now will definatley be getting one.

    1. No problem Mel... The quality is some of the best I have seen and I have been searching for a while. I have checked out KM and EP bags while the quality is ok - the attention to detail with these is fantastic. The 3 Annies team are a dream to deal with. With Black, Aqua and Pink all available now you have some great choices to choose from.

  2. I love your bag! I keep meaning to get a new one : ) This one looks perfect. Functional and beautiful! A total winner!