Sunday, January 29, 2012

Week 5 - Simplicity

Week 5 – Simplicity
I miss the simple things in life – riding my bike around my local neighbourhood, going swimming in the local river when my mum told me not too, ice blocks on a summer afternoon, Sunday afternoon drives, snuggle bunnies on a Saturday night with the one you love. 

I miss those days… especially when I am faced with major career decisions and having to do this all by myself all again.  But after all they are my decisions and I own them but It would be nice to have someone there to have someone to bounce ideas off. 

This candle reflects that… the simple things in life get forgotten sometimes in the daily rush of our lives.  So a reminder to slow down and light a candle and enjoy.  

Monday, January 23, 2012

Week 4 - Hope

Week 4 – Hope – my hope is for happiness and what makes me happy.  That is travel – to be exploring adventuring…  But I have some obstacles to overcome first and my hope to do that…  
My hope is also for nieces and nephews that they are strong enough to overcome any obstacle that may come their way and make their mark on the world.  To understand their potential, to realise that the world doesn't owe them, they owe the world, along with understanding to be kind and give back and their gift of their hearts to those around them.  

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 42 - Central Park and The Met

By the time I got back into the city about 30-40mins later I was starving and in desperate need of water.  Now a 1ltre bottle… $2 – bagel $1 gotta to love the vendors!  
Christopher Clombus statue @ Columbus Circle 
One of the stunning bridges in Central Park 
And can I say it was freezing… red cheeks and all it was so cold. But I decided I would walk across central park to the Met which was just a few block walk so I thought maybe 20-30 mins later… yep nope ! 
I mean seriously how beautiful is this !  
One of the playing fields...  amazing view 
I officially banned myself from walking acrossthe park when I am on a schedule. 
Fall Colours - I have mentioned I am in Love
With the taking of the photos and my first real exploration of the park I took longer than I thought it. 
About the Mall - Literary Walk ...  
I discovered the “Mall” which is literally used in almost every movie in NYC. It was divine absolutely divine. 
What is not showing up here is the leaves fluttering down! stunning
take me back please!  
Yes it was cold!  
It looked like they were shooting a episode of something and there were street performer reciting poetry at the beginning …  I think I died and went to New York heaven.  
from the top of the Bathsheba Fountain 
I sat and watched the leaves fall around me … this is how autumn should be…
Central Park Restaurant - and where Carrie fell into the lake 
Bathsheba Fountain 
I think made it down to the Bathsheba fountain …which is a fantastic meeting place and right on the lake.  
Central Park Lake 
The MET 
I took a moment to take it all in and just enjoy. There was a wedding… a girl singing Danny boy, photography students, somuch activity… 
the Met 
The Main Entry hall in the MET 
It is the lake that Carrie fell into when she went to meet Big... Giggle…  I strolled past the beautiful Central Park Restaurant. 
Fall sunshine !  
Roman Column in the Main Hall 
I finally found the path way to the Met … I think I got there around 2pm or 3pm.  
On top of the Rooftop Garden 

I had to be at Bloomies by 5pm though so it was going to be a quick walk through. 
the Bamboo sculpture 
How it was constructed 
I just enjoyed and explored and did the absolute must see… the rooftop garden and a weird bamboo sculpture. 
NYC from the Rooftop Garden 
looking across to the Upper West side 
It has the most amazing view of the park and the surrounding buildings.  It was a beautiful afternoon and it was stunning!  So make the time and it worth the entry ticket expense!
some cool sculptures 
Although don’t offer to take photos unless you know how to use a dslr!  I can self-portrait with the best of them!  The Texan lady lovely was lovely just not great at using a dslr! 
Vincent Van Gogh 
I found my way to the Monet, Rockwell’s and more in the portrait gallery … note to self!  Look at the map!  I could have seen more.
Monet - Sunflowers 
I finally make my way out of there a little late so power walked in the freezing cold to bloomies. I was going to late but it was so cold and pretty!  
Town Meeting - Norman Rockwell 
I loved it and besides I figured by the time I got a cab that I would be there but I forget that I was up at 80’s and had to walk about 20 blocks.  
the Whitney 
Past some of the most expensive retail real estate I have seen.  Can you say Vera Wang concept store? 
Upper East Side 
Past the Whitney museum, past the street hedge art – it is a beautiful part of the city. 
Kind of says it all 
You can see why the Upper East Side is so revered. They have put a amazing amount of work into the area because the area is pristine and well preserved. 
the famous Carlyle 
Finally made it to bloomingdales and got taken to the make over and massage area.  So massage was done first and then a lovely little gay boy did my make-up.  
the Carlyle 
Apart from Danielle no one has ever done my make up so well.  I was so surprised how well it turned out…  I don’t wear a lot of eyeliner because it always make my eyes look smaller but he did an amazing job. 
Street art 
This is dedication for you… it takes him an average 1 ½ - 2 hours to commute in every day from Queens!  

But only a 1 hour on the way home… which is probably a good thing. I gave him a great tip for doing such a good job.

Rooftop view down Broadway 
Headed home to quickly shower and change before heading out to dinner with my Laundromat friends.  
Rooftop view down Broadway 
I headed on up and experienced a New York Friday night which was filled with laughs, misadventures and Korean BBQ and weird youtube clips. 
All made up ... 
So thank you guys it was a fun night full of new experiences andawesome views from the rooftop!  And still haven’t lived down the vodka and the 6 hour power shots!  I am going to regret it tomorrow! 

Day 42 - Morning adventures to the Cloisters

Today was going to be a big museum day filled with lots of cultural activities.  
Fort Tryon Park
I mean you can’t see New York without experiencing some of the amazing museums. Personally I think there is a treasure out of the city in the form of the Cloisters which is situated above Harlem at Fort Tryon. It is about a 30-40 min subway ride away.  
Fort Tryon Park
Now a piece of advise here…  where it says to turn right and take the elevator up there is a reason for it… 
Fort Tryon Park
This is the only way up … if you go outside you will get lost and require you to get some cute Irish men to help you to get back. 
The Cloisters 
It takes about 10-20mins to walk depending on how many photos you want to take because Fort Tryon Park is simply beautiful!  
Fort Tryon Park - looking towards Hudson River 
I love love love loved it… the blue stone and the amazing bridges.  The lavender  garden was so pretty with an amazing setting along the river. 
Fort Tryon Park - stunning fall colours 
The stunning setting of the Hudson River with the autumn colours by the stone bridge was perfect.  The amazing French monastery houses some of the most amazing religious art works and sculptures.  
The Cloisters 
It was old and stunning… words are not enough to describe this place.  Can I also it was bitterly cold that day! 
The Cloisters Garden 
Like I am talking 5 degrees and it was blowing a gale and I didn’t care… I loved it.
The Cloisters - Fragile Stone do not touch 
While I am not a big art person and it is not something I really seek out to do when I am visiting somewhere. But this place is a MUST….  The history and the sheer humble beauty of the cloisters are worth enduring some art thrown in.
The Cloisters 
You can’t take drink or bags into the building so be warned about that.  If you have a New city pass you can do the cloisters and the MET on the same day for FREE. It is also worth exploring the beautiful gardens outside. 
The Cloisters - one of the old prayer halls 
With old stone that can’t be touched, deeply moving sculptures of parts of our history.
Jesus Genealogy 
Jesus’s genealogy which was amazing with the fantastic detail that went into the works.  
The Cloisters - one of the many chapels 
But I was chatting with a lady who was visiting her sister in NYC from Colorado and she couldn’t believe that a Aussie was there and couldn’t believe the detail that was in there. 
The Cloisters - The Garden 
But I wandered through the beautiful sculptures and artwork which was amazing.  I am not a big museum buff but I did love this … I think it was more the feeling of the beautiful building. 
Fort Tyron park 
I headed back to the city and it is interesting to see how comfortable I am feeling here … finding it easy to get around and feeling comfortable around people who would normally scare me.  
At the bus stop - amazing view 
No one cares they are caught up in their own worlds.  I caught the subway back to 59th Street after making plans with my Laundromat friend.  I would never do that home but we were going to try for some Korean BBQ.  
The Cloisters Garden