Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 36 - Birthday New York Style - Afternoon/Evening

I made my way to Tiffany’s…  New York heaven… I admired the window display then headed through the heavy doors.  Wow… talk about intimidating walking through the diamond department. I have to admit I was very intimidated just being there.  I mean this is Tiffany’s New York City!!!! 
Outside of Tiffany's with Sunflare 
Made my way upstairs to more affordable Tiffany’s and just explored … so much choose from … I must have been there for like 2 hours but it was sooo busy. I mean seriously packed. 
Some Style is Legendary
There is this one woman who was rattling from the amount of jewellery and the size of the stuff … she looked like one of those stereotypical southern belles with the accent and attitude to match.  Her boyfriend kept on rolling his eyes at her.  So funny… 
Needs no introduction 
But I finally got served by this lovely lady who actually had family in Brisbane so we got chatting and was very excited that I was celebrating my birthday in such a fun way. So got my Tiffany heart and explored the store a bit more very happy with my purchase. I loved tiffany’s and all the pretty blue wandering around with my little bag swinging side by my side. 
Right near Park Ave 
Headed out towards Madison Avenue in the hope of finding serendipity as by now I was starving and it was like 4pm … How did the time go past so fast... 
Looking down Park Avenue 
Ok note to one self: write down the address of iconic New York restaurants.  Duh! So I found borders and found a tour book and looked it and then Google mapped it on the iPhone.
Trump Towers Park Avenue 
Love Borders free Wi-Fi and my iPhone although it was running low on battery because I was using a tracking program with the iPhone and thousands of photos.  Hmmm ok technology is good except when you overuse it in a day when you don’t have an access to a charger. 
Found my way to Bloomingdales …   hmmm I am soooo coming back here later.  The area was so busy with Saturday afternoon/evening shoppers.  But found my way to serendipity and managed to get a seat because I was a single. Since when did that ever go in my favour.
I got seated nice and quickly and served by a beautiful skinny male model.  Who was very likely very gay! And he was so much fun and made me laugh and ordered me to forget the real meals as the only way to go was a frozen hot chocolate!  Yes I said a frozen hot chocolate!  OMG I went to diabetic heaven right there and then.
Serendipitous Heaven! 
But I did order some real food which was a yummy chicken fettuccine. The food is yummy while it is famous for just the desserts the “real” food is yum yum yum. This place is so cool and trendy … mix of French chic and antiques and retro styling. 
Frozen Hot Chocolate...  Yummy..  nothing short of amazing
I was in love with all the beautiful black attired men flittering through. As I looked around I saw Lovers sitting there; kissing the corner; along with families savouring the delights of the chocolate heaven desserts.
The "Real" Food 
So I just enjoyed and chatting with my server who was so much fun so then I left him a good tip and headed towards Bloomingdales and hello shopping heaven. I have never seen so many sunglasses in one place or the perfume girls. OMG the perfume girls talk about aggressive.
The Sunglass wall - well part of it 
I needed to get some Lotus Oil for the my face so found my way to the clairns counter and this rude salesperson … pretty much flat out insulted me in trying to tout for business. 
From memory (given that it was 8 months ago) it was something along the lines you look like someone who could do with a makeover… my retort what a thing to say to a girl on her 36th Birthday.  He was very sheepish after that and scored me a makeup make over pampering apt the following Friday afternoon.  So I didn't end buying anything and it was closing time so I decided to head to the subway which was right below Bloomingdales…  gotta love that… and this is where it went so terribly wrong. 
Muppet Land from FAO Schwartz 
I got on what I thought was the train to take me west but nope I was on the wrong platform because it is not signed as to which way was westside or Brooklyn and I asked a lady where the train went and she said westside. Nope she was either totally lost herself or she needs a new compass. Because the iPhone was dead by this stage I couldn’t use the compass. 
The Plaza Lobby 
I found once I was in the subway systems that I seem to lose all sense of direction. So I ended up on a subway ride from hell panicked about where I was going … I had only begun to realise when we seemed to travel for a extraordinary amount of time  between stops then when we stopped at a station name I didn’t recognise It was then I knew I had gone in the wrong direction.
Looking down 59th Street at the Plaza Hotel to Columbus Circle
So I got off at the next stop – which I have to say was one of the dingiest stations I had seen so far and a weird guy following me up onto the street I was feeling a little bit unsafe… but I couldn’t find the other subway station so that had me worried … then I walked a little further down the street and finally saw the familiar green lantern and i breathed a big sigh of relief so I did a quick runner across the street and luckily the guy didn’t follow me. 
for you Carmy - Smurfs 
I probably should have caught a cab back but I figured it was only 7.30pm so I would be ok this was because this area was so run down and looked scary and not a place to be at this time of night. 
Lolly Shop at FAO Schwartz 
Got back onto the subway and got off at Columbus circle … but I was in desperate need of a toilet so went to the time warner centre for a much needed toilet break. I have to say for the time warner centre I was puzzled as to why an entertainment company didn't have a movie cinema … but had an amazing wholefoods store. 
At Serendipity
I went a did some cheering up shopping since I was feeling a bit freaked out by Brooklyn subway scare…  I can officially say I have been to the rough part of Brooklyn and survived. 
Lego Land 
So off to Sephora I went and got a nice birthday treat for myself and when the lovely Sephora girl scanned my card she noticed it was my birthday and gave me my birthday gift again… I love you Sephora!  Haha
Plaza Hotel 
I did ask around at the store where a cinema was but since my iPhone was dead I couldn’t use wifi to find it …  but they all thought there was one about 10-20 blocks away but didn’t know the name of it. 
Shopping heaven - Bergdorf Goodman 
Turns out they were right but couldn’t tell which subway stop but me thinks it is time for me to head home and rug up.  After I had been walking and shopping for over 9 hours. 
Story Time 
Headed back to the apartment by the subway!  Yes I know I am stupid but hey it was cheap and would take me 2 mins.  So I esconded myself safely in my apt on a Saturday night rugged up watching bad American tv … it would have been nice to have someone there to take me out on a Saturday night in NYC but this was a great day.
Columbus Circle  
While yes I missed my twin very much … I actually got my dream and I never got my dreams…  I was so happy and content.  I was truly in love with the city that never sleeps and wanted to move here and fall in love a bit more. 
Tiffany's and Serendipity 
When you consider the previous Saturday I had been in Amish country it was such a contrast.  Oh well Happy birthday me and my lovely Sephora and tiffany presents!  
Frozen Hot Chocolate 

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