Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Explore Life Challenge - Day 21

This is the day that I had so much fun in NYC..  not for the reasons that you think.  Haha
Top of the Rock looking downtown
Made new friends, discovered the true love of Macys, had a flirt thing going via text, then a amazing sunset at the top of the rock. 
Top of the Rock looking towards the East Village
Then finally my first date in 18 months ….  While I will talk about this more when I finally get to that day on the trip blog.
Top of the Rock looking Chelsea
But how is this exploring life… well considering I hadn't dated in almost 2 years it was fun to do and think outside of the box in terms of the person. 
Top of the Rock looking the Village and Brooklyn Bridge
So you know who you are and probably never reads this but still you know who are and what this time meant. 
Top of the Rock looking towards Empire State Building
So thank you for pushing my boundaries and thanks for a awesome first date. 

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