Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Explore Life Challenge - Day 19

Sitting down tonight to sort some photos from the trip – my dream trip and which brought me to the wonderful Chrissie at Explore life. Things happen for a reason so I am so grateful to the universe for the opportunity I had last year.
Once in a lifetime experience - Fireworks over Niagara  
To meet the people I did – to meet people like Chrissie, Peter and Christina who put the thought pattern into my head about changing careers.  I am not sure if I am loving Christina for that one or wanting to strangle her neck. 
Lake Louise 
But looking back at the photos from New york – wow I saw a lot but barely touched the sides that is the wonderful city of new york.  Fell in love with central park and the city along with the people. 
Central Park - Love 
As my birthday is fast approaching (imagine a speedy train) I am remembering where I was last year and what an awesome day I had in the cold and windy Autumn city. 
New York Love 
So this is my thanks to the universe for the amazing opportunity to explore life and the world.  

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