Monday, July 11, 2011

Explore Life Challenge - Day 30

With this being the final Day of the challenge – so thanks to Chrissie from Explore Life to pushing my boundaries and making me explore Brisbane. It helped me to push my boundaries and make sure I was experiencing life to the fullest. 
Niagra Falls 
So thank you Chrissie it helped to lift my spirits in trying to find a new job as a potential tour director.  Also helped me understand the things I need to learn.

Niagara Falls 

If it had been October last year it would have been a much different challenge with discovering NYC and many other fantastic places such as Eastern Canada, Niagara Falls and Washington. 
Lady Liberty 

I have included some of the photos from the journey. Sigh How I wish I can give someone the same journey that I found myself again. 

White House 
I challenge you to one day explore life the same way.  
Mid Town NYC 

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