Sunday, June 19, 2011

Explore Life Challenge - Day 18

Such a perfect day for a drive to the mountains but while it was super windy so I knew it would be cold up on the mountain. 
Between Wivenhoe and Esk 
The evidence of the floods are still evident in the districts surround.  I tried to go to spring bluff train station because it so pretty at this time of year and cold. 
Spring bluff ...  the old railway station
But it was still shut because of the floods and you can tell when you go across the crossing as you head up the hill it is still badly damaged.
Downtown Toowomba
One of the reasons why Toowoomba is so significant to Queensland?  It is the gateway to the outback and first discovered by Alan Cunningham in 1827 – hence Cunningham’s gap. It is the largest inland city in Australia and it is classed at the economic and commercial hub of Darling Downs.
Sunflare by the creekside 
It is beginning or the end of Great Dividing Range depends on which way you look at it.  So I did a fair bit of driving and just enjoying the sunshine. 
Pretty creek with some sunflare... 
Ended up coming back through esk to Wivenhoe then Northbrook Parkway to Mt Glorious then Samford so it was a good drive.  What a fantastic day to explore the scenic rim!  

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