Monday, July 11, 2011

Explore Life Challenge - Day 28

This time 8 months ago I was leaving NYC.  I honestly never thought that I would ever get to do that trip.  The amazing people I got to meet along the way from Peter, Salena, my many awesome tour bus buddies, Christina and so many more.
On the Qantas A380 heading home 
It helped change my perspective on my life and what I want from it.  I want to travel and explore life to the fullest.  I always wanted to work in Tourism and even did Tourism at School with my end of the year projects on destinations such as Ireland and Canada.
My last day at Central Park 
My places to explore haven’t really changed much. I think I didn't end up doing the course because either A) too expensive and B) I didn’t get the marks because I choose to party through high school.  So it is something I have always regretted. 

On the last day - sob sob sob  
So when Christina suggested it to me that fateful night in Alexandria I never thought of it as a possible career choice.  But here I was getting ready to leave NYC very very reluctantly.  I didn’t want to leave this amazing city, I didn’t want the adventure to be over.    
On that beautiful stone bridge in Central Park 
The plane was delayed so I was hoping and praying that I didn’t have to leave and the flight would get cancelled.  But alas no such luck … I was heading home to my real life to my sucky job and the people that had made my life at work not so nice.  My boring quiet existence…  I want to travel more please?  I am asking nicely universe gods.  

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