Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Explore Life Challenge - Day 20

It has been a big reflective weekend for me and then a day full of work issues so it had me staring out the window at work (been doing a lot of that lately) how did 3 months go by so fast? 
My Rocks - thank you my girls..  for a truly awesome day 
3 months ago was my first real day that I was on the mike learning how to be tour director.  This is the day through the haze of still getting my voice back and still feeling blah that it felt natural. That this is right for me. While at the moment I am not feeling it because I am continually banging my head against the wall. 
Fort Point - SF 
But this is the day that really enjoyed when I was in san fran.  We explored we adventured together and I had a number of first experiences.  I also made some truly awesome friends in getting to know the 3 girls so much better.
At Golden Gate Park 
They have become my rocks, my inspiration, my backbone when I have needed it. But this day that I explored and wandered and ate 2 meals in a day and semi kept them in. 
My Rocks - thank you my girls..  for a truly awesome evening
One I won't forget for a really long time :) 
This was the life sitting by the bay at Sausalito with the chickies.  So thanks girls for helping to make my trip all worthwhile – food poisoning aside.  
The Peace Pagoda in Japan town 

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