Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Explore Life Challenge - Day 25

I went to New Farm Park to visit the World Press exhibit at the Powerhouse Museum. 
I have been to this photographic exhibit before and it such a gut wrenching soul wrenching exhibit. 
It shows images of the world and how people live and exist. It shows the “during” and “aftermath” of natural disasters. Third world living conditions, jails, to the brutality of humanity. 
This sort of photographic displays stay with you and remind you there are people worse off than you.
How humans treat each other using religion as an excuse for treating other humans in such a inhuman way. 
How they hide behind protecting family honour to destroy a young girl’s life because her husband and his family were abusive towards her.
Then I took the time to wander around New Farm and enjoyed the sunset over the park.
The colours and especially against the wall of the bricks of the Powerhouse they were so warm and fantastic winter colours. 
The people enjoying New Farm Park with picnics and throwing Frisbees along with lovers enjoying the last warmth of the sunshine; it was a perfect Saturday afternoon in Brisvegas. 

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