Saturday, October 13, 2012

Visitors from Across The Pond

I have had a very special arrival this week.  To say that this has brought me alive again would be a understatement.  After a REALLY trying week REALLY trying week she arrived with her beautiful personality and dazzling smile. You can follow her journey here:
Christina is happy to be here as I am happy to have her here

 Now who is this visitor you may ask … Well this is the amazing, brave, courageous incomparable Christina.  Who was the tour director on my eastern cities and helped me change my life… in becoming a tour director and has been there on the sidelines loving and supporting me. 

these were the most memorable
 But I digest…  those who know me I haven’t shared my living space in 3 years and haven’t officially lived in a share house since June 2004 that is a long time.  We are working well living together and it is great to have her here.  She also gets to join in the birthday celebrations tomorrow night and then on the actual birthday on Tuesday. Also it is great having a wonderful WILLING photographic model here ...  

I know I still need to do a update on what has been happening over the past year.  But life has been well hectic …  new friends, new interests and new jobs …  So I have to say I have gone from this 
Lost taken this week last year
to this…  
Balloon Happiness
Happy days…  Well that is the spin I am putting on it and I am sticking to that one…