Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 37 - Cathedral of John Divine - Harlem

Today I had a late start because I had walked so much the day before but I really wanted to explore my neighbourhood so I got out my lonely planet guide and decided to explore Morningside heights – Harlem. I decided to go to the elegant gothic styled Cathedral of john divine. 
Top of Central Park 
So I ventured on the subway to 110th street and that also lead me to the top end of Central Park which was very pretty and so full of families on this beautiful Sunday afternoon. 
Let the adventure begin
So I wander to 110th and Amsterdam Ave past Morningside park and past the beautiful park and the amazing old gothic buildings.
Morningside park 
I found the cathedral eventually and wandered around.  It is so worth the trip up there and if you do the sightseeing buses the west side and Harlem tour stops outside the cathedral.
Harlem - Morningside Heights 
I wandered around inside with the amazing rose coloured glasses and the pipe organ still playing. It was so loud and beautiful. It also has all these chapels off the main chapel which are so beautiful and also demonstrated the virtual meal which is being shared across the world.  That part of the chapel was really unique. 
the back from the cathedral from Morningside Park 
I went to the poet’s corner which was built in 1984 to commemorate the many great poets of America.
Inside the Cathedral with the Poets Corner 
The beautiful rose coloured glass was creating a amazing atmosphere on the walls behind it.  Simply beautiful.
Fire-fighters memorial 
Looked at the fire-fighters display which recognised the efforts of the local fire-fighters in 9/11 and then the beautiful memorial candles.  I have to say that I love this photo.  It is one of my favourites. 
My fav shot from this day 
Made my “gold coin” donation so the cathedral can keep it free still to visit which I think is an important part of the city’s history especially with so many visitors coming through.
Memorial candles 
I then ventured next door to the Peace sculpture which is not advisable to visit after dark. There was a large homeless population with a lot of alcohol being consumed in the area. 
The front of the church montage 
The stench turned my stomach.  There were 2 guys arguing over something so I took my photos and got out of there. 
Sun and Moon - Good vs Evil at the Peace Sculpture 
The sculpture was developed to epitomise the struggle between arch angel Michael and Satan with the Sun Moon and animals littering the bottom which given the location and the overall beauty of it … It should have been in Rome or somewhere else. 
The Peace Sculpture - Aesop Fables 
I walked through the dormitory housing district of Columbia University which was just up the road. 
Walking down 116th St in the dorm district 
The area is littered with beautiful brownstones and pretty foyers which makes it seem like normal housing than dorms.

the amazing ornate altar
The pipe organ 
The virtual Feast 
One of the many Chapels 
The beautiful memorial candles 
The awesome door knocker Cathedral of the John Divine 
The Gothic Fa├žade of Cathedral of the John Divine 
The Peace Sculpture 
The Peace Sculpture 
The Peace Sculpture 

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