About Me

I am 37 year old female who needs to vent and thought this could be a perfect outlet.. I have spent my life working or studying and fell in love with Canada and USA especially NYC. I hate the reality of being back home and wish I was back overseas every second of every day. 

I found my inner happiness while overseas on top of mountain and even more on a glacier in the middle of nowhere and remember what a glorious feeling it was to laugh and laugh every day.  The broken shattered pieces of my heart have finally healed... I feel light and happy ..  

This will be a work in Progress : 

My little quirks 
I know 95% of Brisbane Postcodes 
I have a horrible addiction to Easter Egg Chocolate - Red Tulip 
I love twilight and will just have the music videos and snippets on my ipad so I can watch again and again... It comforts me and quite often I am not even watching just listening.  It makes me focus on the task that I am doing – go figure  
I am a closest geek