Friday, May 11, 2012

Week 18 | Laughter

This week I clearing out some of my back up files and what did I find – the photos from my trip and a day filled with so much laughter and new found friendships. 
I think when you battle with yourself like I have now for what feels like a long time you forget how important to laugh it is every day.  

This is a photo of my wonderful friend Jules … A couple of weeks before I left I caught up with Jules and we had a great afternoon and was one of the few times I had laughed in a long time. We always do.... Full of great food and laughter she is one of those people that can be serious as well as completely irreverent. 

It is so true that laughter is the best medicine. I feel like up until 2 years ago I forgot what it was like to truly laugh, drink and dare I say it …but to live again accept the trip for what it is. It was a rare sound for me until a fateful night in Kelowna.  While Pete will underestimate what that night meant to me but that is the night that I truly learnt to laugh again and become me again. 
People underestimate how important it is to laugh and I think I had forgotten. So appreciate the small things… happy laughter, a childs giggle, a quiet smile as it turns to a laughter.   

Week 17 | Yin

Proud to introduce my Yin to my Yang.  My wonderful twin sister and most people when they meet us together don’t even realise we are even sisters let alone twins. 
My twin - My Yin
She is a unique personality, very strong person and dynamic person.  She is a great mum to 3 kids with teenagers.  She is a big believer to wine o’clock especially on a Friday night and loves to entertain which is the opposite of me. 
About 4 weeks after we were born but the day Din Came home
We are very different and I think she chafes at her life and wishes she has mine at times.  But we have always been like that – competitive and always trying to outdo each other. 
3 years - Mum always told us we couldn't swing on there | so been the twins we were...  
She sometimes comes across very cold and unemotional along with at times is not the true twin.  She tends to keep everything locked inside and puts on a very together public face and tells people what she thinks they want to hear. She rarely lets that slip but sometimes she just needs too.  While I definitely got the emotional side of the twins but I am a very different person to her. 
First Day of Year 1
But I love her and will miss her when I am living overseas. 
At 15 years old 

In 2007 | Since I had no one to do the combo with at the family shoot - twinny it was

This is my fav shot ever of her...  it is very her

Week 16 | Choice

This was written before the decision was made about the green card ...  But alas it is not my time ... but my heart still screams go. 
In a matter of weeks, I am hoping, praying that I will have a choice to make. To stay or go to the states to live.  My fate is in the USA governments hands…  While it may seems like this is a easy decision…  I have to be conscious of some major cons.  Their health system, and the fact I still have debt to pay here along with the Economic condition of the country.   But I will not leave these shores until I have a contract at least for the season.  Then I will decide where to go… 
Another Favourite from the Past year 
Also over the past year I have built up a small network of wonderfully supportive friends.  I would not made it through the past few years without these people in my life.  It will be hard to leave them.  So thank you my Evolve gals whose words has created the challenge.  You came into my life at the perfect time J but are making the Choice to go a whole lot harder. 
New Farm Park - Winter Sunset