Friday, June 17, 2011

Explore Life Challenge - Day 11

Eye Candy Time... 

Since I have been in bed sick with a dumb cold due to the fact someone brought into our office this week.  NOT happy !!! 
Pieces of Me ...  First Task 
Well I have decided to do the next stage of my photography course that I did in November 2009. When I did the course I have to say that I felt like a utter novice compared with some of the work that everyone produced.
Week 1
Sheye ..  whose blog I stumbled upon looking for cupcakes … don’t ask…  and her stories bring me to tears, make me smile, just inspires… and her photos … wow wow wow …  don’t even me started because that would lead to all this kind of crazy gushing.  So to do her course it was simply amazing and because I didn’t own at dslr at that stage and battling depression I didn't feel like I really fitted in. But some of the girls were so wonderful to me and I can't thank them enough for that. 

Week 3 
So I hope that this time I can produce the kind of work that is comparable with my classmates and feel less of a novice. At least time I won’t be indescribable pain and having to battle to just get out bed each day..  Let’s hope the creative juices flow…  


  1. Oh you silly billy. Your photos were just lovely as just as good as anyones! Makes me sad to know you were pretty low when you did this course, I would never have known. Hope you have a blast. Wish I was part of it.

  2. Silly Billy... oh you are so funny... you knew this remember? hey i got to make friends with you, Fran, Blythe, Chantelle, Erin, Sheye... etc etc ... I won't lie it was tough... So hopefully I do better this time... It was my first time doing a course of that scale so I just need to dig deep :)