Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Explore Life Challenge

Explore Life Challenge - How have you explored life today? 

Today is the first day of my explore life challenge which was devised by my awesome travel agent. The goal is to slow down and show how I am exploring life. It can be through a simple photo or a feeling or experience so here goes…

Day 1.
Leaving my acupuncturist tonight I could smell winter and took a moment to enjoy the coolness of the air and the smell. Winter has such a fresh wonderful smell.

Also I took a moment to say thank you for my life as a brave policemen said goodbye to this world killed in the line of duty.  This time last year … I was in a much worse place and wasn’t so grateful so as this brave soul left … thank you for my life.  


  1. You are wonderful. Love that pic! It's awesome.

  2. So are you missy... and thank you it is one of my favourites from my trip... my little GG inspired experience...which I do believe you helped me plan :)