Friday, June 17, 2011

Explore Life Challenge - Day 10

Today I sent off a very special box to the USA in my bid to be creative in getting a role either here or in the USA.  Packed with some Australia love and tenderness…  So fingers crossed for me because I really want this … so I can explore the world and adventure everywhere. 
Australian Goodies heading to the good ole USA ... 

I am starting to drive myself nuts with being here … I need to go and start my life again.  I am sick of existing… I need to start living and exploring all that life has to offer through travel…. 
Miss you all !  
I have some amazing friends overseas who I ache to see again …  and I am sooo excited for our road trip in January so I am going to see how I go with my tax return next month because I am a contractor now so not sure how that will all go now.  Otherwise I think I am going to have to get the lawyers involved with the food poisoning … because quite frankly I am sick of my bottom hurting and stomach every time it has a “special” moment.  Every time I am reminded of what happened in San fran…  ok I will stop ranting… 
shoes are like me ...  itching to go again 
I might have to sell my life again in my garage but all the big ticket items are gone now… decisions decisions!  I want to be on that plane again!!!! See my classmates..........  

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  1. The boy??? Goss!! I hope you realise your dreams VERY soon Eileen. You deserve it! x