Monday, June 6, 2011

Explore Life Challenge - Day 6

Day 6 – Possibility

I have been researching and determining if I go through with a visa application in order for me to move to the USA on a permanent basis.  So I am going to take the leap and see I can do it. In the meantime, it will allow me to save more and organise things better.  If this doesn’t work well I will keep on entering the diversity lottery until I get there.
Bye bye Australia  
I have been feeling so unsettled and restless since I got back… even planning a trip back stateside in January to see everyone from my class hasn’t eased it. Even the excitement of going to Disneyland and doing the California coast…  So I need to start living my life the way I want …not the way everyone else wants so no more existing…. 
Have passport will travel 
I want to be a tour director and I hope any company that I apply to will eventually see that.  One can only hope and think positively. So thank you to those that are helping me overcome my fears and believe in myself....  exploring myself and digging deep is about living and exploring life and the opportunities it holds.

Embracing the Possibility of experiencing and
how much I love  new experiences


  1. You got get em girl! And when it happens because it will don't forget your pathetic low scoring Words with Friends buddy! Marsha xx

  2. I wont' forget... my connections to home...and I do believe you are beating me at the moment...