Saturday, June 4, 2011

Explore Life Challenge - Day 4

Day 4 - Winter Sunshine at Redcliffe

Today my exploration of life took me to enjoy the winter sunshine to the shores of Redcliffe. Why Redcliffe you say?  Well it is a beautiful little spot on the northside of the side of Brisbane. It has personally I think one the best bikeways stretching from Scarborough to Clontarf across to Sandgate.
Redcliffe jetty  
Redcliffe was first discovered by John Oxley in 1824 hence one of the main roads is Oxley Avenue. It was set up originally as a penal colony. When it was decided to relocate the settlement to the banks of the Brisbane River the area was largely deserted until the early 1860’s when it got turned into farming land.
why it is called REDcliffe -
everything is covered in the red soil
Then in the 1880’s it had a significant land boom and one of the first places that was settled by the convicts after their release.  Which then in turn created a sea side resort and when they built the Hornibrook Bridge in the 1935 it opened Redcliffe to the rest of the city.
Beach Corrosion 
Why do I love Redcliffe… it is where we spent many Saturday afternoon because it was one of the few places in Brisbane that was open all day in the 80’s.  As most shops closed at 12pm in Brisbane on a Saturday. Also I worked here for 2 years and every day I got an amazing view.  Met one of long term boyfriends down here and made some awesome friends.  
Moreton Bay ... so clear 
It is a great spot in Brisbane that is severally under rated. With the lagoon in summer that is always packed to the brim but it is always fun.
Footsteps are part of the journey 
So pay a visit and enjoy a Sunday stroll followed by a ice cream along the many waterfront shops.


  1. Love it! Very informative, great photos. Can't wait for more of your explore life travel moments!
    Thank you girlythirties!

  2. Love the bit of history you have given. Loooove that jetty shot. Great post. Marsha x

  3. Trying to use my tour director abilities ... thank you it is a beautiful spot... xoxoxo