Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Explore Life Challenge - Day 7

Day 7 – Remembering

8 months ago I was exploring life through my very first helicopter ride at Niagara Falls.  What an amazing way to see a truly remarkable part of the world.
From the sky... wow 
One of the cool parts is the shear amount of water that goes over the four falls which is all from Lake Ontario.
With a lot of see and do in the Niagara area from the floral clock to the whirlpools, along the most picturesque drive so named by Norman Rockwell. The main shoreline is lined with the maid of the mist along with the behind the falls opportunity. Enjoy lunch at Tabletop as you watch so much water falling over the falls. I loved it especially on a beautiful sunny day.
From the Maid in the mist  
While downtown Niagara is tacky as and almost a amusement alley it is a fun area to visit with lots of beautiful gardens between the falls and the downtown area. The Niagara ferris wheel is well worth the trip.
Downtown Niagara  
Also the light show at night time then the fireworks during the majority of the tourist season it is simply breathtaking. It is so worth going out during the night in the cold to see it.  It was a memorable experience.
Fireworks + Lights + Niagara Falls = WOW!  
I would go back again and again…  I hope I get on the Cosmos Tour which at the moment is my dream tour.  Ride that helicopter with clients who are excited as me to going on their first helicopter ride…  Think of when! Rather than if…
Downtown Niagara   

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