Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 34 - Midtown and NYC library

I had a very lazy morning considering that nothing in NYC opens until 10am so I could relax and ease into the day.  Also I didn’t want too intense of day considering I had a massive day ahead tomorrow seeing the Statue of Liberty.
Broadway on Upper West Side at 86th Street  
So I walked over to Broadway and caught the subway from there and decided since it was blue sky and sunshine I would tackle mid-town with a blue sky shot of grand central. Yes I know I am sad.
Bryant Park  
So I caught a different subway because I was down at Broadway…  I can’t believe there is a gap store within 10 mins of me…  I am going to have to tackle that ….
Chrysler Building 
So when I got to my subway stop I lost all sense of direction and ended up in the wrong direction but then worked out I was in the wrong direction but seriously hello shopping heaven!!!!
Grand Central Station 
Strolled through Bryant Park and ended up coming out down near the Chrysler building but by this time it was cloudy and so I took a couple of shots since I got better photos the fortnight before.  So I headed back up towards Grand Central annoyed that I couldn’t get blue sky photos … oh Sephora up ahead look out!!!  Haha
New York Public Library - Channel Sex in the City
Then I hear “hey there Aussie” … no other than Steve… couldn’t believe it.  I didn’t even notice the bus – how could I miss that but then again there were busses up and down the street.  Tried to talk him into having lunch but he couldn’t leave the bus so I offered to go get lunch for him and bring it back since he had about an hour to wait.
New York Public Library - Channel Sex in the City
Headed into grand central and tackled the grand central food court and got his weird sandwich concoction and me a yummy salad but restrained myself from magnolia bakery.  We enjoyed lunch and actually exchanged contact information which will probably get him in trouble but officially I was no longer a guest.
New York Public Library  
So it will be interesting to see if he will use it.  Said goodbye to him as his next tour guests were trickling back … I got the feeling he didn’t want to say goodbye but who knows.
New York Public Library - Original Foundations 
Let’s face it I am bad at this stuff...  but he did mention he wanted to catch up with me the day I flew out let’s see if it happens and he can take me to the airport with all my heavy bags…  haha
The beautiful books ...  
I took off for Sephora … hello heaven … made a couple of must needed purchases including my twinnys birthday present…  well part of it…  then got my birthday gift since it was only 2 days away.  I love love Sephora…  haha I am such a makeup girl…
Part of the main reading room 
Took off to the New York library which is being refurbished at the moment so couldn’t fully appreciate the beauty of the building but past the lions patience and fortitude into the amazing main hall.
New York Public Library - Main reading room of the library
I love sex in the city as we all know so I can imagine Carrie running down those stairs when she realises that Big is standing her up at the altar. 
New York Public Library - Main reading room 
I managed to get myself into a free tour around the library with the most boring man I have ever heard but it was hard to hear him because it was such a large area and soft voice.
the Encyclopaedia section
He was very knowledgeable but that doesn’t always make for the best tour guide. But what I did learn is that this was the Main branch of the NYC public library and they don’t actually lend books from here. While you can access the books etc you can’t actually take them out.  It was the first named historic landmark in the 1960’s.
One of the earliest versions of the bible  
But I did get to the see the main reading room which was amazing and simply legendary.  The map room along with the marble walls to seeing the original foundations it is worth doing to the tour.  So if you have the time while you are there it is a great FREE tour.
Main hall of Library 
I headed after that to visit B&H but on the way I wandered to one of the discount shopping places but it was too much of mess to even begin to tackle and I could always come back.
Main hall of library 
So finally got myself to B&H Camera ….. And can I say OMG… talk about overwhelming and you aren’t even allowed to take bags in… I was allowed to take my wallet, camera but no water.
A display in the upper level
But the place is seriously overwhelming and intense but I have to say if you ever want to see some seriously interesting types it is the best place. While it is not a place to look for a man if you are single is all I am going to say because you have to be careful what you say on the web. Haha. 

Channelling Gossip Girl here  
To listen to the conversations and everything … It was so weird.  I went to get some camera cards… seriously 8GB for $20 and they were the HD ones for my camera couldn’t believe it especially when I paid $54 the fortnight for a 4GB one.
I would have caught a cab down here 2 weeks prior if I had known that.  While that guy was really knowledge and great… the next guy that I saw about a new lens well he was a little bit condescending when I looking for a smaller lens which made me NOT want to buy.  I get that they serve so many people every day but I am still learning and needed help so be nice and treat everyone equally.
So went down to the register area and they deliver the goods through a conveyor system which I have to say was a little bit cool. When I finally got out of photography heaven it was pouring with rain and freezing cold.
Shopping heaven
But made my way along 7th ave past the Madison Square Garden, the New Yorker which is another famous NYC landmark and found myself at 34th street and Broadway … shopping heaven Macys!!!  7 floors of heaven…
aaaahhh I love 5th Ave   
so went in for a hot chocolate to warm me up and get my discount shopping card from the customer service counter because Macys offer a discount shopping to international guests which would come in handy later. 
The bottom of the ESB - so retro 
Caught the subway to 59th street to Columbus circle to go shopping at wholefoods … OMG this place was maniac but I was surprised how reasonably priced the food was.  While some of it was definitely overpriced it was on average what we pay for our normal food here.
Empire State Building - ESB 
But I have to say Soy choc mint ice cream … never AGAIN…  ewww but I got some stuff for the next few days and enjoyed. By the time I left hauling my shopping bags it was freezing cold so I was going back to the apartment to warm up. 
Inside Macys 
So I headed back to the apartment because it was soooo cold and I was just getting grumpy and tired after walking around for nearly 7 hours.  
Madison Square Garden 
So I finished some photo uploading and finished a blog post  and headed off to bed early so I could head to Statue of Liberty nice and early. this is the blog post that got finished this day and photos posted... Interruption to our normal viewing
New York icon - The new yorker hotel

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