Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas

Just a quick post to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. I hope you all had a wonderful day surrounded by the ones you love most friends and family.  
Just to prove I really did put up a Xmas Tree 
Being single I am fortunate not to have do the multiple family shuffle and enjoy the time before the family bedlam. Previously I have spent the day cooking or relaxing watching DVD's. Today I spent the day sleeping and returning the 100 odd texts also helped me deal with the pain from my wisdom teeth removal. I had a bad day with it yesterday so needed some recovering time. So I spent the day in bed sleeping and reading so I was pretty content. The past few days has been a haze of baking, finally putting up the Xmas tree with a little help from some friends, and wrapping all the pressies so I think I have worn myself out a bit.  
One of my favourite decorations
On my way to the parentals I dropped in to see some friends as I have for the past 3 years and always feel so welcome. Also I have known them since Primary school so it is just like I am part of the furniture and it was their babies first Christmas which makes it nice and special for them. 

Pressies all wrapped and ready to go 
For those of you who aren't Australian...  to give you an insight on how we spend our Christmas's...  usually swimming, eating and relaxing from the heat and humidity.  The humidity this year was a killer and the constant rain was annoying but with the cyclone off the coast of Queensland it was hard to escape it in Brisbane this year.  

Headed off to the parents and we actually had all 8 kids together this year. Because we have separated partners in my twin and elder brother they alternate which year they get the kids in the morning and usually they don't have the same year. But this year we had all 8 of them with the youngest very excited to get more presents. He was quite upset to realise it was the adults turn and no more presents for him.  That is what Xmas is all about.  

I scored good this year with a new vacuum cleaner, new photo album for all my trip photos, gift cards, cupcake holders and calendars and some other fun stuff. So all in all I did well.  The only thing I really wanted was a book/album to put all my trip memorabilia in ... any suggestions from anyone who has done this would be great and where to get one.  You know the most memorable photos and all the ticket stubs and information from the different spots you visit pictured in an album.  

Because I am hopefully moving overseas I didn't need too much this year ...  otherwise I just have to pack it up and seal it in a box so not really worth it.  

So overall it has been a good day until I sat down for dinner when I bit on my wisdom teeth wounds and that pushed me past my pain threshold and reduced me to sobs.  I had to leave the dinner table and take more drugs which made me feel awful because I have too much in my system at the moment.  So I took a few minutes, lay down on my mums bed...  then re-joined everyone at the table. It was so annoying because this was going to be my first real meal in well over a week so I was really forward to it.  I can barely eat it but to give you an idea on what an aussie Christmas dinner in our household consists of... 

  • Chicken (cold) 
  • Ham (cold) 
  • Salad, 
  • Rice salad 
  • Mums Jellies which is multiple layers of different colours of jelly with mountains of ice cream and ice magic on top.  
  • Christmas pudding... Marshmallows with Chocolate icing and spearmint leaves with smarties. 
  • Lollies
  • Fruit Cake
  • Cashews 
  • chockie rockies...  
So all in all it is a feast.  

So I hope you all had a wonderful day and your present haul from Santa did well.  


  1. Look for a scrap booking store. I know they have them down under. I'm sure that if your friends don't know where one is, they know someone who does.


  2. I did go there but I was waiting to see if Santa delivered on that one... But alas... the only problem with the scrapbooking albums is that they have the clear cover on each page...that won't work on some of the stuff i have... I am thinking a art book with really heavy GSM paper