Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 18 - Washington Depot

I felt lousy this morning because the cold flu medicine doesn’t have the codeine in it the way we do so I had a fairly restless night with someone trying to ring me on my Aussie mobile at 2am. Still have no idea who it was. 
Need I say more 
So was even later for breakfast this morning but Joe was all good and cooked me a fantastic breakfast, even had seconds. It was my cold or Joes amazing cooking has lulled me into a breakfast coma. 
The classic American Homes
Had a lovely chat with Bill this morning while I was eating and they have such a fantastic business which is why they do so well.  They are wonderful people and so nice, accommodating especially for a sick and weary Aussie gal.
the Classic Garages 
Went back up to the room and ended up falling asleep for almost 2 hours I was surprised at that.  But dragged my butt out of bed and got together the stuff I wanted to post back home and took it took the local post office and of course it was raining again which was annoying because I wanted to take photos. 
Country Roads
Got to the post office and there was a massive line and obviously filled with locals and one crazy woman asking me why it was taking so long. I had no idea! No idea who Glenda was and why there was only 1 person serving. 
Washington Depot Town Hall
Finally got served and it was going to cost $200 back to Australia because it was mostly clothes and souvenirs.  I tried just the souvenirs and it was going to cost nearly $100 so I decided to leave it until I got back from the 2nd tour because I would have more and it would easier that way. 
Washington Depot shopping area
Took myself off to the gas station (yes gas station) and TRIED to fill up but they had very different names for petrol and when I went for help the guy was so rude.  I am getting a little fed up with the bad service. Then the credit card wouldn’t work at the pump and the guy got even grumpier.  Fabulous…. 
Fall Colours like they say...  that is the reason why we are here!
Drove out towards sugar loaf and thanks to bill for the perfect directions they were easy to read and found it no problem, just too bad about the pouring rain. The one thing that I did notice was the barn stars...  which I would find out later on the way to Lancaster that they mean good luck... 
Hickory Stick Book Bookshop 
Drove the 2 and half hours towards Connecticut and once again you could tell the difference in the roads as you hit CT.  It was of course pouring with rain but the autumn colours were simply amazing.  Even around the massive prison that was there…  I have no idea which one it was but it was surrounded by trees that were so alive with Fall colours.
the Shepaug River 
I swear to god that my GPS was taking me the longest way possible but then saw the sign for Milford and I knew that I was on the right road because I knew from Google maps that is where I needed to be. 
Right next to the river - my FAV photo 
As I left the highway and made my way through the mountains/hills towards my final destination you should have seen the windy roads with the autumn colours beside them. The Berkshire Mountains were simply amazing. I loved it and that is why they say “that is what we are here”. It was precisely the reason why I am here.
Fall Colours 
Finally arrived in Washington Depot which was this little small town in the middle of nowhere and why make you ask you crazy woman why I have you driven all this way. 
Fall Colours
This is why the Gilmore girls were inspired from. Now those who don’t know it is my favourite show of all time and I had heard that this was a beautiful town nestled into the hillside that was the inspiration for the show. 
Fall Colours
It was absolutely perfect… while it would have been nice to share it with someone for a change… but it gave me the ability to wander and enjoy this cute in the middle of nowhere town.
Fall Colours
Drove around to get my bearings and tried to find a toilet but there didn’t seem to be an obvious one. So I stopped at the hardware store which was really quaint and full of garden stuff all ready for fall. She let me use their toilet which was fantastic so I felt compelled to buy something … so I brought a birthday card.  Also asked where somewhere to decent was to eat because I hadn’t found anywhere to eat in my little drive thru and she directed me to the Pantry which turned out to be perfect.  
Our version of the CWA
So left the car and grabbed the camera and wandered through the wet sodden autumn leaves. Stopped in at the hickory stick book store, It was literally like a movie set …. Because it definitely looked like one that you have seen with the book characters on walls and the kids section was just amazing. The best thing of all was the souvenirs … I found a pink Washington Depot shirt which was perfect and also found a book for B & M’s new arrival. 
Patroism everywhere 
Found the pantry which was so cute… it was a perfect little store which some unique stuff on sale food wise. I had the yummiest risotto which was very nice as well as some road food in the form of chocolate chip cookies.
Post Office - Just prove I really there ...  
So wandered through some of the shops while it was raining and when it finally stopped, I went down to the river and took some shots along the river which was so pretty.
Special one for Pete !!!  
Wandered around enjoying watching the leaves falling down and taking photos so I was in heaven. This why I drove all this way and flew all this way to enjoy afternoons such as this.
Fall Colours just around town
Autumn colours are heaven and surprisingly hard to photograph. But I played with the settings because of the grey sky it was messing up the colours it wasn’t making them as rich as what I wanted.
So Pretty ...  Connecticut Heaven
Since it started to pour with rain again I headed back to the car and went for a drive further up the road. Found another little town called Washington which is the main town for the area I think.
I love the colours...  
Took a couple of Random roads on the way back as well because well why not.  Some beautiful manor stone homes and massive estates were hidden down there. It was simply beautiful with the fall colours and old barns. Although a random thing … a gate as a stopper on a one way lane… totally random but well suited for the area. 
Town Hall
I made my way back because the light was beginning to fade and although my desire to explore more was taking over I needed to be smart and head back especially given I wasn’t in the best of health. 
But I did make a stop at the most perfect little church in the middle of nowhere…  it was our lady of perpetual help… kind of struck a chord with me. I got some AMAZING photos from there. The stone against the autumn colours were just beautiful but the one thing I couldn’t capture with the camera was the beautiful leaves falling everywhere.
Little further down the road at Washington
The one thing I found amazing was the perfectly cleared path between the church and the house next door… also the advertising for the up and coming wine festival.
Fall colours 
Heading back towards the main highway, disaster hit…  a car took a corner too close coming from the other direction and I overcorrected and hit the curb. Ouchies … I think I wasn’t going to get out that one unscathed. But I couldn’t really pull over because there was a car sitting on my arse the whole way down the mountain. 
How cool is this!!!!  
But pulled over just before the main highway and sure enough rim damage..  arrggghhh that is going to cost me. That is the one problem with driving on the other side the balancing act of positioning on the road. 
The church
The GPS decided to take me right instead of left and it seriously felt like I was heading towards New Canan again and it was in a fairly remote area. I even saw a covered bridge but had someone on my butt again so I couldn’t just pull over and the fading light wasn’t my friend. 

Then my fix engine light came on OMG could anything else go wrong. I was really starting to stress with the damaged rim and the engine light… Was just imagining how much this was going to cost.   
I really couldn’t work out where I was and there didn’t seem to be any petrol stations anywhere.  Finally came out to what looked like a major intersection and finally found a petrol station but they didn’t have a mechanics section. 

But gave me a chance to have a toilet break but I did ask where I could find a mechanics and he said there was one about 5 miles up the road but they probably wouldn’t be open because it was 6pm. 
Gave it a shot and got very lucky. A young guy came out and helped and it was just the service light phew…  and got him to look at the rim and he said wow you did some damage…  god it was just making me feel worse…  but he took it off and gave it some banging out which surprisingly fixed it.  
I was sooooo grateful…  I asked him how much he wanted for it and he said nothing… I gave a $20 regardless because he deserved it because it saved my neck.  Told him to buy himself some beer or take his girlfriend out because he made this little aussie girl very happy. 
He also gave me some directions back to the main highway which was a relief. I wasn’t that far from the main highway to Poughkeepsie so that turned out well.  Made my way to Taconic State Parkway and my god it was so pretty..  Stone bridges every 2 seconds and fall colours everywhere it was so pretty.  
I finally made my way to route 84 and it just coming on sunset..  was a bit illegal but I took some photos naughty naughty me!!! 
Finally made it back to the B&B and started the task of repacking again…  arrggghhhh 
Also did a bit of clean out again…  what was I thinking!!!!  Also worked out the outfits for the next few days so I could just grab from the top of the bag…  also what was the best thing to wear into NYC…  
My new DKNY shirt with the neighbourhoods of NYC on it and the miracle cords….  I would be so uber cool for my first experience of driving into NYC.  I was a bit nervous about that …  
Enjoyed my last bath at the B&B because it was fabulous and slept right through the night…  
At last my cold was doing better but I was surprised considering I was really starting to stress about returning the car back to the city.  Oh well nothing I could do about it now…  

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