Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day 19 - Warwick to New York City!!!!

Well woke this morning feeling nervous about driving into NYC but excited and nervous to go.  I have dreamed of this day for so long. To finally be in NYC and feel the life and vibrancy around me, I was numb with excitement… which I know makes no sense but it was that detached feeling again.
From the Back of the Inn...  Morning sunshine mist 
So I had a lovely breakfast with the boys and at least I was feeling better today which was a good sign was. Got the wonderful Bill to help with the bags…  Also tipped them for all their wonderful help … although I did get a lesson on how to tip and how much. I wanted to give them $40 for looking after me so well but got told that even $20 was too much … that $2-$5 is enough for any hotel staff.  
Bye bye New York heaven 
Said goodbye to the boys and tried to clean the seat of the food oil again. It looked a bit better this time. Headed to Warwick and got out and took some photos but then saw the time… dammm wearing a watch!!  Needed to get moving and headed off and enjoying the blue blue skies that had decided to show themselves as I headed into the big city.  
the flying V - and blue blue skies 

As I got closer I made a toilet stop…  it was taking a lot longer to get into the city than I thought. Interesting note: Because in the USA everything in the toilets is sensor controlled…  So when I went to the toilet and this woman decided she would sensor the paper towel down before she used the toilet, well I needed to use and she got up me for using it…. Crazy woman…  she had that look in her eye …. You know you hear the stories of people like that and I encountered one on the way into the big bad city… Haha
I swear that this GPS is whacked though because it felt like I was heading back New Jersey when I should have been heading for Brooklyn but the signs were saying that I was heading in the right direction so I pulled into a BP and filled up. The guy was Russian and could barely speak English but he took my card straight away which had me a little worried. But it was a full service station which is so rare these days so I watched him like a hawk to make sure he didn’t do anything dodgy with my card.  

Made my way further into the city and went through an area before the Holland tunnel that was really evident that the recession was biting hard. 
My very first view of NYC - Squeal!!!!

Went through the Holland Tunnel which was pretty cool to think that was under the Hudson river. Came out on the Westside highway… my first view of NYC wooohooo… then my GPS took me to the wrong address. What is with this thing? 
SUV's and Security

So I had to work out how to get to the right address because every time I went around the block and still couldn’t find it.  Drove down the cobblestone streets of the village …  OMG that was so cool. Since I was having no luck finding the address, I decided to try and find 10th Avenue to get to the hotel to do the bag drop off and then drop the car off with some better directions I drove north and then stumbled on the street I needed and ended up finding the car rental. Whew…   how is it they don’t have the correct street addresses programmed into their GPS?
the Brownstones ... sooo cute 

Again the girl was not very helpful and bit grumpy but the guys in the work shop were fantastic and helped me with my bags and took me to the corner to catch a cab.  Too bad I had no change or I would have tipped but I did say to him that I have a stack of Canadian dollars and he said the fact he got to meet an aussie was enough for him.  Great guy… actually asked about Koalas and Kangaroos …  so cute
 Mid Town sunshine 

Travelled back up town in my first New York taxi it so cool. My sense of direction was all off and felt like I was going south instead of north. Arrived at the Skyline about midday finally..  it felt hours ago that I left the B&B. Although I had to struggle up the stairs with my bag because there didn’t seem to be anyone to help.
Apartment Buildings 

Got greeted by the concierge Remy …  I explained that I was part of the Cosmos tour and got the big spiel on how cosmos has used the skyline for years blah blah. Also that I was very early! Actually got in trouble for being early …  what is with that. Also I was told that our tour director would be in the lobby between 2-6pm. Once I off loaded everything I didn’t need into the suitcases, he stored my bags and I explained that I needed to go to Brooklyn. He thought I was nuts but eventually gave me the instructions. I took off along 49th Street towards Rockefeller centre where I needed to find the subway stop. 
New York Sunshine 

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