Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 17 – Shopping Day – Woodbury Common

I awoke this morning feeling very sick… this is not good…  I don’t like it!!! (Channelling Pauline Hanson while saying that)
Inn at Stony Creek
Made my way downstairs admittedly a little late but the Boys were so great about it and made me the perfect breakfast of waffles and handpicked apple.  They looked after me so well.  
you can imagine sitting here in summer with the breeze brushing across your face.  
In all honesty I can’t recommend this Inn enough. The service was fantastic, the location perfect and most importantly the bed was sooooo comfy.  
The massive yard...  
So if you are going to New York I highly recommend a couple of days at the Inn At Stony Creek and they are also on my points of inspiration for the blogs. 
Patriotism everywhere 
They let me use their phone so I can arrange to get the camera to the Warranty people my god it was like pulling teeth.  I got the address and the opening hours and dropping it to them on Wednesday so we will see how long it takes them to fix it.  
Fall Colours decorations
I went back upstairs to get myself organised but ended up falling asleep for hour.  Took some more cold and flu and took myself off to Woodbury Common.  It was pouring with rain which kind of ruined my plan to take photos on the way. There was no way I was getting out in that and making my cold worse.
I was living my dream - heavenly dream 
Made my way relatively quickly and easily to find.  Tried to find somewhere fairly central car park so I could drop off regularly during the day. So I went to pick up my coupon book and had some lunch. Finally tackled the shopping with Espirit, Ralph Lauren and DKNY was where I did the most damage. 
Ralph Lauren was a mad house but this woman was so helpful when I was trying to work out the sizes because I wanted some work shirts and bottoms. We found some in my sizes but the cut was all wrong on me L however I made my way to the casual wear dept where I found semi fitted shirts for $10 so I brought one in all the colours that I love….  long sleeve tops for $5 best buy of all was my pink cashmere scarf which was $80 reduced to $15 most of you know this scarf because I lived in it for the rest of the trip.  It was perfect at keeping me warm. 
The Autumn Colours
My dad said when I pulled it out of my luggage – Oh that bloody thing I got sick of seeing you in that thing whenever you sent us photos!!!  Geee thanks dad…  Oh I did forget one other amazing purchase was the classic polos for $19 compared with the normal $80-$100 we normally pay.  So I brought 3…  Hence the nearly $300 I spent in the space of 30minutes…  ouchies Still wish I had brought more tho...  
/The Fall Leaves on my Car 
Although I did give it a go at some of the other shops but couldn’t get service. I heard so many conversations about what a bitch this person was, what idiot her boyfriend was and the most interesting conversation was in Prada where I heard how the boss was an ignorant idiot.  
New York State Heaven 
Although the fossil staff were talking about whether they had met their sales target in front of me and not serving me. I hadn’t found another watch that I liked as much as the fossil one so I wanted to purchase it.  So have to suck it up when it is that situation.

I don’t need to hear these conversations, mind you it is better than DKNY Jeans where the lady didn’t say boo to me because I got handed off from one assistant to another and she was annoyed I think.  
My Room the Patriot room
The amount of shops I walked out of because of the bad service was ridiculous and this is why USA struggles with the retail market … No one cares.  Don’t get me wrong I don’t like to bugged while I am shopping or the hard sell but just a hello or I don’t need to hear the conversations. 

I got annoyed in one shop because I really wanted to make a purchase and told the girls in a very polite quiet voice that maybe instead of bitching about their boyfriends they should consider why they are there. The manager had to step in and put the sale through and it also meant that I got an additional 20% off. 

It was amazing how many stores were unwilling to help with sizes and the comparison between USA and Australian sizing.  But I have since learnt but given that it was my first day shopping in the USA it was hard to judge.  Because they use the European sizing. 

Overall I highly recommend Woodbury as a shopping destination while you can catch a bus from the city to Woodbury I would recommend staying out there so you have the flexibility to dump the shopping bags with your own car.  

Especially if you stay somewhere like the Inn at Stony Creek which I found on the Woodbury common accommodation suggestion website and they had the best rating on trip advisor out all of them.  Also they were fantastic and the price was really good and can’t recommend them enough. 

By the end of the day my feet were so tired…  afterall I had been shopping for 8 hours it was so massive although I loved it the cold was killing my buzz.  But overall my best purchases were from Ralph, DKNY (the normal store) I got some great pants from there and The GAP…  could have spent a fortune there. 

Surprisingly I didn’t buy any shoes because I had a wide foot with a high arch I struggle normally but it seemed to be even worse over there. Or handbags they were all oversized or just blah…  Because I am cautious of oversized bags because of my bad neck and shoulders I gave them a wide berth.
Woodbury Common with Clouds hanging down over the Mtns and raining 
But overall I was pretty happy with my purchases and it was truly ones of the rare days that I spent money solely on me.  Believe me I was tempted in some stores for the kids but some stuff was just too overpriced or I could get it here for the same price.  

I was unsuccessful in getting another suitcase which I knew I needed they were just too expensive and I wanted another bargain purchase like my Vancouver one.
Headed back to the inn around 9.30pm ish …  although I missed a call from a private number when I was on my way back and I wondered if it is them making sure I was on my way back.  
Woodbury Common
But when I got back they were in the lounge area chatting so I don’t think it was them.  They couldn’t believe how much shopping I had…  giggle oh well….
the Shopping Haul

Sorted everything and added up how much I spent and I was surprised at how much I spent …  I only went over my personally allocated limit by $80.  I had a nice hot bath and headed off to bed because I still wasn’t feeling great.  

the Shopping Haul

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