Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Spirit ... Oh where are you!

I hate to admit and probably shock a few people this year… I am feeling rather apathetic towards Christmas this year. I am not sure why … can't really put my finger onit. The Christmas shopping is pretty much done because I did most of it while I was away in the USA and Canada. While I am sure they are going to be rather unimpressed with receiving souvenirs as gifts but they were chosen with love and affection. 
Christmas 2008
I am going to share some of previous Christmas and some images I stole from my mums tree...
Our little man with Miao in his little ELF outfit with grandma
because it all got too much for him so he took refuge 
Also I think the fact I have been struggling with the  redundancy and missing the happiness I had while I was away. While this is possibly my last xmas here for quite some time I am feeling well...... just not feeling the spirit. I have always wanted a white Christmas... Yes I know I am mad but I hate the fact that you are stuck in a room with 16 adults and 8 kids and no air con and it is usually so muggy where the slightest movement means sweat pours off you... eeeewwww ... Some of my best Christmas's have been spent at a friends place in her pool. 
Christmas 2009 
To give you an indication on how much I love Christmas I was the one who was first up on xmas day ready sitting at the bottom of the tree waiting to open the presents. Until I worked out how to guess everyone's presents by shaking and feeling them through the wrapper…then proceeding to tell them. Well it was then mum and dad started barricading the lounge room. Then we had to wait for the parentals to have breakfast before we were allowed to open the pressies. It was shear torture...  I am sure I got quite upset when we moved into our new house on Christmas Eve back in 1979 that Santa wouldn't be able to find us but in the end we got the coolest present… it was a pop up tree house… My twin and I loved it… 
This little guy has been on our tree forever!
I usually have my tree up by the first weekend in December or very soon after. This year nope no intention … mainly because I really don't have the energy and also I have moved my place around again and no real space… I am contemplating maybe doing it tomorrow because Thursday and Friday will be a write off because of the wisdom teeth removal… What is wrong with me? 
From Mums Tree 
I love doing the family secret Santa… sending off Christmas cards for everyone and even brought some special ones back from NYC… but nope I will do the essentials but everyone has gotten an email … but not a very positive one… 

I think I am just worn out … mentally it has been a hard year and having this time off work has given me the chance to slow down and recharge the batteries. The debilitating migraines and the threat of being sent to hospital for brain surgery scared the bee Jesus out of me and now a cold awful summer cold I am just worn out. Usually when you get a cold it means something… can't remember what it is … but it is something to do with the universe trying to tell you something. 
from Mums Tree 
Normally I would be wrapping the kid's presents, started cooking my first batch of chockie rocks… getting ready to the do the Christmas cupcakes… I need to get my Xmas spirit back… I normally love going to the Chermie all night shop but no plans this year… I am struggling with this because I normally so enthusiastic about Christmas. 
Tree in 2009
I like the fact that I get the day to myself until about 2pm when I have to head to the parents. I love going to church the night before and singing carols. Also I do the present drop with mum and dad at church as well at the chockie rocks (so i can stop eating them). But no enthusiasm for any of that...  I mean having the money worries sure that is the factor but I think I have just lost my xmas spirit…

How is your Christmas spirit doing?  

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