Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 16 Newark to New York State via New Canan Connecticut

Well woke up feeling a bit better while the throat was feeling scratchy I didn’t feel a cold coming on so that was a good thing. It was nice to relax and straighten the hair while watching tacky American TV.  Took off for reception to catch the shuttle bus and only to be told I just missed it.  It took another 30-45 mins to come back what was with that? 

Coming up to the George Washington Bridge
Got myself to Newark and was starting to feel a bit nervous about driving in the states. I finally got some good service with the shuttle driver and Rose at the hire car desk. 
On the George Washington Bridge
I made sure I took photos of the car to ensure that any damage could be reported straight away.  Sorted out the GPS in a good position and the EZI tag was in the right position. It is funny because we complain here in Brisbane about how much tolls are but that is nothing compared with USA. $8 to cross the George Washington with the price of the tolls of around $5-$8 so I paid $7 a day and considering I went through 5 toll stations that day it was a big cost saving.  Signed off on the form and took off nervously driving and reminding myself to keep the line next to me.  Got to the watch house where I had to hand in the form and the guy was on the phone and literally turned his back on me while he continued to talk on a personal phone call.  What was with that!!!  Couldn’t believe it. 
Dairen - CT
Finally got out of there… I was a bit over the bad service and rude staff and looking forward to getting to Connecticut which was about 90mins away from the airport.
Dairen - CT
Hit the highway and were confronted with some crazy drivers couldn’t believe it.  The massive SUV’s and the speed that they were doing they were maniacs.  Although the GPS getting on getting me lost because I didn’t understand the road system with all the Routes 71 A vs 71B very confusing.  At one stage it took me off a exit but it didn’t tell me which way and there was no signage on which was to go and had people honking me and stressing me out. So not nice. Finally got back on the right road and headed over the George Washington Bridge which was beautiful and huge and finally got my first glimpses of NYC.  But had to be careful taking photos out the window like I normally would be the balance was a bit off because I wasn’t used to the road position. 
Main Street - Elm Street - New Canan CT
Drove on the highway for a while and got very comfortable with the driving and it was funny you could tell the moment you left New York and entered Connecticut – the roads are so much better. 
Elm Street - New Canan
After following the road past Hartford and the amazing stone bridges with the autumn trees, I finally took the exit to Darien which would take me New Canan it was so cute and beautiful – it was perfect.  The drive from there to Vicks was amazing the fall colours and the leaves swirling up as I drove past. The storybook quintessential massive Connecticut homes with the mailboxes and American flags were everywhere.
A New Canan one - Giggle 
Finally got Vicks and it was great to see her and the baby bump also got to the meet the hubby.  They make such a lovely couple.  It was beautiful home and I especially loved the fireplace it was perfect. 
Elm Street - New Canan - CT
We took for lunch at New Canan and had a great catch up with Vicks and how the pregnancy is progressing. We had a quick look around town and also got some cash out finally.  It was a very expensive street and it is was almost like a movie set. Very Gilmore Girls etquse so I loved it. Vicki took me for a drive around town and showed me the amazing homes. Also a run down on the local politics amongst the women groups and showed me the local recreational area and it is massive. I imagine by now it is covered in snow! Also with squirrels running across the street it so quaint and perfect... just perfect 
The Shopping area in Elm Street and New Canan - CT
Said goodbye to Vicki and John and the baby bump and headed over to New York state.  It was a long drive to the B&B and the cold started to hit me and made me very drowsy.  The eyes were beginning to close so cranked up the tunes and the air con so I could keep myself awake.  Starting to see the amazing autumn colours so that definitely kept me awake and then started to rain of course…  Surprise surprise. 
Inn at Stony Creek - Warwick - New York State
Made it finally to the B&B and it was so beautiful.  I decided to only take one suitcase up because Joe and Bill weren’t there and the stairs were so steep.  So took off to find a Chemist for cold and flu medicine…  It was strange because usually that sort of stuff is behind the counter for us here in Australia but I could buy it straight off the shelf.  While they don’t sell codral which was annoying but found a comparable product but I got asked for ID when I went to purchase it. The girl was funny because she said that she wasn’t expecting that,…  She didn’t think I was quite that old. 
Inn at Stony Creek - Warwick - New York State
Stopped in the village to grab something to eat.  Fettuccine with broccoli was so yummy the only problem the oil leaked in the car and the carpet in the room….  So I ended up eating the dining room because I didn’t want to make any more of mess. Felt horrible about the mess I made ...   
Inn at Stony Creek - Warwick - New York State
Headed off to bed after a nice relaxing bath in readiness for my Woodbury common shopping trip tomorrow.  The cold really started to take affect which was not great.  

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