Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy new year to everyone and I hope everyone had a good celebration last night. I really don’t have the best track record with NYE.  I have lost friends while out, been dumped on that day, or day after or be told that by my then boyfriend that he still loves his ex wife and doesn’t really see a future. So needless to say that I haven’t always really enjoyed NYE celebrations.
NYE - 2009 with a bit of crabbing in the mud
and then cooking them on the beach
I have spent the past 3 years with the same friends up at Inskip at Rainbow beach, at their place, and last night at some friends. I have known these guys since primary school so it is always so much fun. 
The sunrise from my tent on Inskip 2009 
Their brother just returned home from the states with his wonderful man in tow and they are so much fun to be around. Also they gave some really great hints on how to deal with the visa process into the USA.
Welcome to 2009 
I have had good ones previous to that with spending the nights with friends at Scarborough, swimming in the pool and relaxing into the NYE, on the coast with a man and his kids, watching the fireworks on the beach, seeing the Millennium on a beach at Burleigh with friends but the ones that were bad always keep on popping their head up so I am glad that the past 3 have been some of the most memorable so thanks guys.
Welcome to 2009 -
What a crap year that turned out to be 
My hopes for this year…  I am not going to say resolution but rather hopes! I think that is a more positive thought pattern.
  1. Settle into the new job – yes I have a new job. 
  2. Follow my dream
  3. Be true to myself
  4. Move to Canada or the USA it is time for a new life for me
Looking towards Fraser Island great spot for
Lunch and a swim including a snooze on the beach
So what are your hopes for the forthcoming 2011?  
Rainbow Beach - The coloured sands
How we spent New Years Day afternoon

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