Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 27 - Toronto - Afternoon Exploring and CN Tower Dinner

Before I went off to explore in the harbour area, I wandered trying to find the toilet which some of the group pointed me in the direction of … thanks guys for always looking after me.
Lake Ontario
I decided to take some time to relax and enjoy the beautiful sunshine so laid on one of the benches soaking in the warm Toronto sunshine. This is where I took this photo. Short sleeves with just a woollen espirt cardi vest on and my fav dkny black shirt. I was soaking up that VitD … and good for the soul!!!!
Toronto Sunshine
I wandered off to the st Lawrence’s market area past the beautiful historic Union Station and the Royal Oak…  Not sure why I didn’t go into this one I think because it was a little intimidating and would have had to cross a busy street so being lazy really.
CN Tower 
I made to the market and wandered until I found a little piece of heaven which had a whole swack of rogers chocolate… so a perfect little spot..  Even got some for mum and dad and See I can be generous with my chocolate. 
Getting ready for the Hockey Season and the FACE off celebrations 
Found a starbucks, sat and enjoyed some lunch rested my weary feet and caught up on emails. Along with what is happening in the world courtesy of the free wireless at starbucks. 
In a building near the Rogers Centre..  a bit cool the shower of lights 
Headed back through the downtown area past all the historic buildings it was quite pretty. Wandered past the Bay dept store and saw the tissue created dress.
The Tissue paper dresses 
Made my way to the Eaton centre hoping to buy something cute for tonight …  ohhh Roots …so easily distracted  haha looked in a number of stores but nothing was really inspiring me or I was just too fat which just depressed me. 
Union Station 
So I headed back to hotel but because of the hockey face off the access to where I needed I had to take a different route so I headed along Queen Street which was soooooo dodgy it was a little scary actually. I almost caught a cab back but it was the opposite side to where I was.
Royal York Fairmont - Toronto 
Got to the hotel dying of thirst and needing a foot rub but Tim Hortons was shut. Steve was in the foyer and directed me to the drink machine but there wasn’t any water L also wasn't forthcoming with the foot rub. With a reminder from Steve as I headed upstairs not to be late and I retorted with it takes time to look this good… LMFAO
Gooderham Building 
Eventually went to the business centre and there was a machine up there filled with water… Thank god. Then got into the slowest lift in the world and got ready to head out.
St Lawrence Market Area 
Curled up the hair and got ready. Forgot the tripod after I have summounded the lift which I have already waited 5 – 8 mins for but went back for the tripod and Christina rang as I was leaving the room.  Where are you!!! Sheesshhh I was only a few seconds late!!!
Gooderham Building 
Forgot my jacket but didn’t dare go back for it. Made it down after waiting ages again for the lift… to cheers on the bus… so embarrassed .. Bloody lifts!!! Went and hid my very embarrassed red face down the back of the bus. 
CN Tower 
We made it to CN tower in plenty of time and headed on up but the ones at the front of the bus went too far ahead and the slow pokes went up the wrong escalator because it wasn’t well signed.
Foyer of CN Tower 
But we found it in the end and headed on up in the very fast lift. It was pretty cool.  The restaurant was so cool with an amazing view just on twilight before sunset.  It was moving slowly enough that you can enjoy it and not feel sick. The CN tower is the Canadian National Railway tower and with the city scape 351 FT below us. It was built in 1974 as a communication tower and is now classed as a 7th wonder of the modern world.
Sunset from the CN Tower 
Enjoyed dinner with the Welsh crew and Marie with the amazing dinner rolls hehehe. Also with me getting up constantly to take photos and enjoy the sunset.
Sunset from the CN Tower 
After dinner we were able to go down to the observation deck and enjoy the amazing view. While they have the lights dim it was not enough to block behind the photos. So it ruined some pretty awesome shots. But glad I had brought along my tripod. 
Sunset from the CN Tower and I love this shot... I waiting for about 10mins for it 

I headed out to the wind deck which was amazing but soooo cold. 

It was so awesome. It was like you were being lift off your feet and blown away.
Follow the fishy as we moved around 
Also went a stood on the glass floor which Mum was grateful that she didn't know I was doing stuff like that or she really would have worried about me.  It was freaky standing on all that glass and looking straight down but still felt perfectly safe.  
Night time in Toronto
The queue was so long for the elevator so I headed back up to the restaurant and got a lift straight away .. hehe then went shopping in the gift store when I got stuff for the kids and kell Belle.
Night time in Toronto
We headed back to the hotel about 9.30pm and I headed to the business centre so I could return some emails and had to queue for a machine. Which mind you were the slowest machines in the world. 
CN Tower with the blue of the restaurant moving around 
I finally headed off to bed about 10.30pm after checking out my rogers chocolate haul… soooo yummy and looking forward to Niagara tomorrow. 
The yummmy Rogers Chocolate haul...  Alison this is ur fault!!! 


  1. All of your photos are awesome I love checking them out!

  2. Thanks Ness.. Did you giggle at that last one :)