Friday, January 14, 2011

Brisbane Floods

As we have watched in horror this week with the inland Tsunami hit Toowoomba we had no idea how bad or the magnitude of the disaster would be. 
A ray of hope
We have had constant rain for months now we have gone from the drought ridden tropics to sodden mosquito ridden tropics. We have watched as the Floods have ravaged regional Queensland from Rockhampton to emerald and now Goodwindi is next.. I have worried about friends stranded up north for Christmas but everyone has gotten home safe and sound. 
Hamilton Reach of the Brisbane weather...
it is not normally this much water
The loss so far of 15 lives has been a tragedy and the story of young Jordan in Toowoomba who told his rescuers to save his brother and mum first. It truly breaks your heart. 
Newstead Park..  the water is normally NOT
that close to the gazebo
I have been lucky as I don’t live near a dam fed waterway with a rain fed one a fair walk away. I am grateful and the rest of the family is ok. It has been hard to watch on the TV
Courage - RIP Jordan
It has been gut wrenching… I spent Tuesday morning before work in tears watching the horror of the aftermath of Toowoomba, Grantham, Murphys Creek and these are some beautiful parts of the Lockyer valley which have been tragically destroyed. 
From Hamilton Hill
No one expected Toowoomba to get hit by a massive wall of water given that it is on top of a big mountain and then it hit with seconds for people to get out of the way.
A flooded Pontoon at Kangaroo Point 
We watched on the news and Facebook as cars were tossed around like boogie boards in the surf and not knowing if people were in them.
what is left of the Sydney street Ferry stop and
I planned on taking Pete here on Saturday 
Watching as a 4wd was stuck in a field as a news chopper hovered above with 2 people inside and then when they returned no one was there. The mere thought is horrific. 
Capt Cook Bridge 
Then it was our turn … Wivenhoe filled and then the roll on effect to Ipswich and Brisbane. We watched in our way and then by lunch time we knew it was serious when Brisbane wide employees were sent home to go secure their homes. Gridlocked the city but yet I knew that I could get home easily and my place would be ok. Then the news that Brisbane and Ipswich was next.  We tried to prepare evacuation centres were opened and stories of tragedy and hope were coming out. 
The CBD Being swamped 
By Wednesday morning they were predicting levels in comparison with the 1974 floods which were our worst in the past 100 years.  While Brisbane is used to flooding it is not used to this magnitude. We were told to stay home from work if you work in the CBD as they were shutting off the power to the buildings to ensure the safety of buildings and general public safety.
What is looks like normally... that pier is gone 
We have watched and read everything going on for over a month but nothing can prepare you for the swiftness of the river, the depth of the flood areas, where it is flooded. Today the river peaked 1mtr below the 1974 level but more homes were swamped, more businesses gone but the Qld spirit showed in coming together and supporting those who needed it.
Now the recovery begins, Our amazing emergency workers, the armed forces, the police and many more doing such a amazing job in keeping us informed and up to date.  So I must admit I did not heed to the warnings and ventured into the city but stayed very safe and you couldn’t go through the waters any way because of the huge police presence. 
The media throng 
We have watched our leaders battle with the shear damage with 75% of Queensland has been affected - 1,275,000 sqkm (492,280 sqmi), France + Germany + Portugal, 4 x the British Isles, Texas + New Mexico + Oklahoma + South Carolina, 94% of Quebec, Peru. I think gives you a fair idea of the shear volume of water. 
The CBD - sorry for the quality but forgot the tripod 
We saw our premier cry on national TV from the shear exhaustion of the reality of it.  The lives lost and the not knowing. But she has held up well during this and it will be interesting to see what happens in the weeks and months years to come.  But she did sum it up very well
just about 100mtrs from the waters..
something so beautiful could have been gone for the morning 
"I want us to remember who we are. We are Queenslanders. We are the ones they breed tough North of the border. We're the ones they knock down, and we get up again. In the coming weeks and months we are going to prove that, beyond any doubt." Premier Anna Bligh

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