Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 25 - Half way point on the trip and Parliament in Ottawa

The byward markets are a mix of produce and kitsch. Think the Queen Victoria markets and you get the idea. Although Christina did tell me about this great little jewellery shop but never found it.  L 
Pumpkins at Byward Market
I stopped in the main building for some lunch and there was nothing really really appealing because everything seemed to be dripping with fat until I found a great little Japanese store and terakyi chicken with veggies it was.  
The main building at Byward Market 
Our little grumpy friend was there I said hi again and got ignored again. I know she acknowledged me because she looked up… it is a little rude why come on this trip if you are going to ignore everyone and I didn't want to chat just being nice and saying hi.
Chillies - Which of course I don't eat but cool photos 
Anyways I wandered but my feet were getting sore so I decided to head back through the mall into the city. 
Capsicum aka Peppers 
Nothing but the usual stores and wasn’t feeling inspired to buy anything. My restless night from the night before was catching up with me.
Decorated Pumpkins 
Heading back up the hill from lower town to the parliamentary precinct past the Fairmont which I went into of course. It was very pretty and really classic Victorian age interiors with the dark timbers and the beautiful chandeliers.
Random thing of the day: There was this little cute little girl walking with her dad who was so adorable with the cutest dress, with cute little leggings and fluff balls in her hair…  I got a photo from behind too bad I couldn’t get one from the front. She was adorable… 
Diabetic coma - Beaver Tails..  sugar heaven but I didn't brave it ...
the bees hovering kind of put me off 
I wandered across to the canal which was really pretty with the lochs being repaired while I was there. While imagining people skating down it because people do that in winter,  You Canadians are nuts!!! And I love it !!!
The Château Laurier 
The canal goes from Kingston to Ottawa where we heading to tomorrow and it is about 200kms long and 19kms are man made with lochs along it. 
The Château Laurier 
Along with one of the oldest in North America it is officially a world heritage site and because of the human creative genius it is a UNESCO world heritage site as well. All in all it is pretty dam cool and on a blue sky sunshine day it was fab.
The Rideeau Canal 
I strolled up the hill to the back of the parliament and ran into a few of the other tour people. Wandered with them for a bit but I think my incessant stopping for photos scares them off. Haha
Parliamentary hill
I just wandered and enjoyed the sunshine with the beautiful buildings. It was so much better to experience this type of weather and it was so warm. I had stripped off 2 of the layers by this stage to only have the one shirt on.  Sunshine and warm sunlight what a great day… except for my tired sore feet.
Parliament Hill 
I headed up to the top of the parliament while I missed out on the tour with the rest of them I was still able to go up. So I headed up to the peace tower which was pretty cool to overlook the city that way. 
the Lookout walking up the hill
I read the history behind the peace tower along with the flag count. The idea is that you count how many flags you can see in front of you.  I think I found all of them ..  17 all up I think.. 
Sundial from the lookout 
I headed back down because I had enough of rude people pushing me out of the way and feet sore. But took the time as I headed back to get photos of the gothic architecture inside the building.
look at those amazing clouds and sunshine 
Also went into the Canada remembers within the Hall of Honour war memorial within the tower which was really well done. With the marble in scripture on the wall as well as a record of the fallen during WW2 it was a beautiful way to commemorate the fallen.
The blue spires on the Parliamentary library
I headed out of the building towards the hotel because it was getting closer to 5 pm and I was getting hungry. 
Ottawa River
I stopped at the centennial fountain to take some photos before heading back.  Managed to get some shots off while there was no one actually there and enjoy the remnants on the sunshine.
The Police Memorial at the Parliamentary buildings 
As I headed towards the mall I tried to find the other chocolate shop but couldn’t find it so I want to get to the hotel to dump the heavy zipper bag   - I think i am going to go back to the backpack, so it would take pressure off my feet.  But I had to get access to the storage room but it proved harder than I thought. 
Looking out from the peace tower 
Finally got up to my room .. finally whew…  but again I was right next to the elevator but the rooms were a lot bigger..  almost as big as the suite in Victoria but the bed wasn’t feeling much better.
Patronism on the floor of the peace tower 
Dumped the bags and looked at the menus but nothing was really inspiring me.  So I wandered off downtown through the mall area and couldn’t really find anything to eat … it was all maccas or pizza so I wasn’t really feeling it. 
the roof in the peace tower 
Gave up because I was exhausted after spending over 5 hours of solid walking I was stuffed and after a bad night sleep the night before.  
Canada Remembers 
So went back to the room had a nice relaxing shower and did some emails.  Rubbed some cream into my sore feet put my legs up on the nice comfy lounge chairs, ate my border purchase of M&Ms with fun Canadian tv – greys and private practice…
Canada Remembers
I was pretty happy..  Tired happy but looking forward to Toronto tomorrow and catching up with my FB buddies (although I hadn’t been able to get hold of one of them) so I straightened my hair tonight. So there would be no bad hair days. 
Canada Remembers
I also booked the car for the adventure out to Shari’s – I was really looking forward to meeting her and her wonderful daughter..  Bring on the biggest city in Canada!!!!  
Canada Remembers 
Hall of Honour
The tower outside the centre block 
Centennial Fountain 
bye bye Parliament 
the mall area downtown 
Sun fading behind the buildings in the mall 

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