Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 26 - Kingston to Toronto - Ontario

The lovely ladies woke me from time to time taking photos but it was a long boring trip with patches of autumn colours but I tried to stay awake sorting photos but gave up. 
Fall colours on our way to Toronto
We made our way to our afternoon tea stop which was the “big apple” at Colborne. I have to say I wasn’t really impressed with this place in terms of what it offered. The gift shop was just tackville and the smell of the cooking apples well it wasn’t really nice.
The Big Apple - Canada Style 
The best thing going for it was a decent way to wake myself up; I had a good walk around and then discovered you could buy ice cream. Stood on the veranda chatting with the girls (who were travelling with their mum) since it was Frans birthday. A few of them thought it was funny that I was eating the ice cream with no apple pie, including Steve who thought I was a nut eating the ice cream in this weather. 
the world cities with the Misspelling of some major cities
Kind of set the tone of the place 
We made our way to Toronto, I fell in and out of sleep but enjoyed the fall colours as we whizzed by.  As we headed to Toronto we found out that 80% of their population lives in the city which is very similar to New York. 
Our first real view of Toronto
The central area is based around Younge Street with the Eaton centre kind of like our Myer Centre but more Chermside size and plus some.  We arrived around 5ish right in the middle of peak hour which made it hard to get around.  We were warned that the lifts were shocking and take forever.  I organised to meet Vicki and Kim in the lobby in about 40mins so we could head off and enjoy the city with some shopping J I hadn’t heard from my FB buddy so no play time for me but I did try Joan so hopefully next time we can do it. 
Eaton Mall - Yonge Street 
We headed off with some of the others and found the eaton centre in which we went in search of the apple store but the difficulty was finding a store directory. We discovered part of the underground city by accident when all the commuters poured out the subway stations. 
Sunset in Toronto
We found our way to Apple which for future reference is was the street end on the 3 rd level of the Eaton centre which is where we came in … but a floor below.  I also educated Vicki on Sephora heaven… 
Yonge Street - Mini Times Square
I decided to leave them and try to find something to eat but wasn’t really hungry and just was really eating for eatings sake. As I left the Best Buy where they were looking at another camera which I think I talked them out of.  I saw a amazing sunset as I left when I had to take photos of course.  There were a few dodgy spots walking back to the hotel along Younge st and Carlton St.  There was a pub right near the hotel but was only half inspired. 
Yonge Street - Mini Times Square
My sister was texting me during the night but as I was heading back I was starting to fall asleep cause I was so tired and only half answering her which I felt bad about.  I waited for the slowest lift in the world ready to fall asleep. 
Yonge Street - Mini Times Square
I decided to relax with a nice bubble bath and my Lush bath bomb!  While we chatting about photos and what I had been up to along with  my very sore feet I started to fall asleep in the bath. 
Yonge Street
So dragged myself out and tried to reconfirm the car and if they found a GPS for me but no internet gggrrrr… The lady was a little bit rude on the desk when I rang down… but it wasn’t looking like it was coming back on tonight so I took my sorry arse off to bed by 9pm.  11 hours sleep later… 
Toronto from my hotel room 

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