Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 24 - Montreal City Tour

We got back on the bus with our new city guide who I have to say I struggled to understand some of the time because of her strong accent as well as her talking to fast so far the worst guide in terms of personality. But we drove past old town so I did get to see it at least and then we headed through the industrial area to the cube houses across the river. 
All pinked up for pink month 
The Habitat 67 complex was built in cooperation for Expo 67 and it was designed for singles and couples with 502 cubes/residences it was built to overlook the city on the river so in a little piece of paradise close to the city centre.
City Hall I think ?? 
We continued onto the Biosphere park which again was built for Expo 67 but we weren’t stopping … well we weren’t supposed to … 
Bonsecours Market
Moments later we were climbing the hill just past the biosphere and the bus wouldn’t move. I do believe it shuddered actually shuddered.  So Steve got out for a look but couldn’t really see anything wrong with it.  So he tried again but sure enough the bus wouldn’t budge. We all got offloaded and waited for further instruction. We decided to try and find a toilet so we wandered to the biosphere and used the one in there. 
Old Town Montreal
We wanted to go through but the crazy city guide wouldn’t let us even though David from the welsh crew had organised a good price and everything. It would have given us something to do while we waited for the verdict on the bus. But the mean city tour guide wouldn’t let us L She was a shocker no personality at all. 
Old Town Montreal
We all wandered back and enjoyed the sunshine but there was some cloud cover coming over but it was so nice.  The sunshine had been missing for most of the trip so I was determined to enjoy it.  I grabbed the camera and went wandering around the pond and little bridge and took some photos.  
Habitat 67 
I almost had the whole pond to myself except for our trouble some lady who was listening to something on a little radio and didn’t even look up when I said hi.  I got some great shots and then I noticed some giggling and David was taking photos of me AGAIN!!!!  So mean!!!!  Just wrong wrong wrong wrong… 
The Bioshphere
He ended up letting me delete them because they were really unflattering … so thank you David for not letting those photos see the light of the day. 
Beautiful Sunflare 
I went back over the bus and off loaded my stuff and grabbed off the laptop and started to do some photo editing but then our new bus turned up. The decision was made to continue our city tour was made but I was not happy about not being able to go off by myself because we were not in the city centre so it would have been too hard to go off by myself. Bummed sad face L
Randomness :) 
We continued on and saw where the Grand Prix is run and saw all the cool canals. We headed back into the city centre towards the Palace De Royale which would be our last stop for the day.  It was a great drive so pretty with the beautiful old homes etc. 
Right near the biosphere and behind me was the
poor broken down bus 
We made a stop at the eatery area so Christina could buy us all a drink since we had been so good about the broken down bus (well just not me because I didn’t get to do Old Town Properly).  Mind you it was about 5 degrees outside by the time we got there.  It was so nice and I was loving it so I went outside and wandered while everyone stayed inside. 
Pretty sunlight 
We all headed back to the bus after checking the ugly black squirrel which looked like an ugly rat. I didn’t like this one … ewww it was just wrong it wasn’t as cute at the others.  We headed up to the lookout with the hope of maybe seeing Raccoons but we weren’t allowed to feed them because they are nature’s rubbish bins. 
The beautiful symbol of Canada 
We got up there and it was pretty but not the best view of Montreal but still pretty with the thousands of fall trees at the bottom. Along with the 5 or so raccoons that were up there and they were looking for food.  I do believe some one from our group fed them but oh well I was too busy to climbing up on a wall to get the good photos to worry. 
Raccoon at the Palace de royale lookout
Hopped back on the bus and grab some sweets it is a good thing Steve doesn’t have these on his bus …   I am too much of a yummy sugar addict.  We drove towards the hotel past the university area and the beautiful old homes.  Also we past an area that is filled with eateries and restaurants so Christina suggested it for dinner since it was so close to the hotel. 
Autumn Colours at Palace de Royale 
We all got off the bus at the hotel and Christina reminded me that half hour you and me in the lobby and chocolate adventure awaits … Giggle
Autumn Colours at Palace de Royale 
I went to my room which was unfortunately right near the elevator… never a good combination for someone with a sleep disorder, the view was a bit blah so I offloaded the bag and grabbed the handbag since the bags arrived almost as quickly since I had both suitcases since the bright one had to come off I could grab my handbag. 
Autumn Colours at Palace de Royale lookout
I grabbed the credit card complaint form to see if the reception could email it so I wandered off downstairs to meet Christina and the reception was going to try and send the form for me. 
Autumn Colours at Palace de Royale lookout
Christina and I headed off to search for this amazing chocolate shop that she had told me about which was located in a clock shop of all places. 
Autumn Colours at Palace de Royale lookout
So we chatted and laughed and talked the lady at Lush into staying open for another few minutes by banging on the door and begging, assuring her that we would pay with cash and knew what we wanted.  I was thinking a nice bath tonight so that would be perfect. 
At the bottom of the Palace de Royale
We finally found the shop which was down some stairs and totally hidden away I was so surprised that Christina found this in the first place.  The shop was so cute with all these clocks even the rude one giggle….  The grumpy man measured out the chocolate and created the hot chocolate heaven.  We wandered through the area and enjoyed the sights, I got to learn more about our wonderful Christina… like her age and nope still not giving that one over guys…  haha
randomness of Montreal 
We decided to eat dinner together and ended up at one of the pubs which was a micro brewery so it was a lot of fun.  I had some yummy chicken and salad but the salad wasn’t full on variety luckily I filled up on salad at subway. 
the very nice pool at Quebec 
We chatted about everything from life, photos, college, love, politics, health systems and tours including what happens when things go wrong like buses breaking down. During the conversation Steve rang to confirm that we would be right to go tomorrow with a driver driving up a new bus tomorrow. 

We headed back to the hotel me still lamenting the fact we didn’t get to see the basilica and trying to talk Christina into a quick stop in the morning. The reason why it was on the must see list, it is one of the biggest in North America and is classed as a neo gothic masterpiece. So I really wanted to see it, oh well gives me a reason to go back. 

I tried to send the paperwork again for the missing NYC money but had no luck so decided to go for a swim since Christina had told me it was there. With a cute little patio overlooking the city it was really pretty. 

I enjoyed a nice quiet relaxing swim.  Worked out the sore shoulders and neck kinks and got to enjoy the pool by myself for about 45mins. It was so nice … heated, tunes going, private and very relaxing. 

Headed off to bed with my patriotism ready for tomorrow since we were going to Canada’s capital so I was ready to enjoy.  

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