Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 40 - Sex in the City Tour

Very excited to start the day off with the Sex in the city it was one of must do’s for my time in NYC.  I had a nice sleep in at least because the tour didn’t start until 11.30am so I relaxed into the morning.
Central Park and the pond 
I caught the subway to 59th at Columbus Circle and walked along 59th Street across the park which can I say I loved! 
Looking downtown  
The beautiful old blue stone brick work and the prettiness of the park it was perfect. I loved it… 
The beautiful architecture of Greenwich 
With a quick stop at the Apple store just for another look and use of the free wifi I headed to the bus.  Sitting outside the plaza hotel with the big movie site bus which you can’t miss! 
Can't miss this bus :) 
But I have to say it was a dreary day outside and chilly and was a little concerned I was not rugged up enough oh well nothing I can do about it now. 
The Friar church :) 
Started the tour with a wanna be actress which apparently is the norm for these tours.  But overall I don’t think she did as good job as the other city guides and long haul tour directors that I have had. 
The Pleasure Chest 
We cruised through the upper east side with the pointing of the major landmarks including the Friar F*** church which was really pretty.  Then we headed towards the meatpacker area and we had our first stop. 
Buddakan - I love how they  have done this sign 
Buddukkan which is where in the Sex in the City movie had the rehearsal dinner for big and Carrie and it was a really funky place. 
Inside Buddukan 
Also it was the scene where Standford kissed Anthony at New years.  All through the morning it was punctured with texts from mister … man this guy could text. 
Where they had the engagement dinner 
I mean seriously fast!  I would have 5 to every 1 I sent!  It was nuts… if I didn’t answer for 5 minutes I would get like 4 texts.
DVG - in the meatpacker district 
We then cruised through the Meatpacker district saw the store where Samantha rang Carrie back about the engagement which was the DVG and also near the restaurant that they ate a few times. 
Bleeker Street - Greenwich 
Our next stop was the pleasure chest in Greenwich which was where they discovered the Rabbit.  But I decided not to buy anything but just so you know … sex toys are much much cheaper in the USA.  !!!  haha
Family unity proudly sponsored by Disney 
We then made our way to Bleeker street where we had a 30 min stop for cupcakes at Magnolia bakery which was made famous by Sex in the city where they sat outside and ate the cupcakes. 
the shopping along Bleeker Street  
So we got to wander through some of the shops that they have used in the movies.  I loved the colours and the feel of the whole area.  Greenwich has a real down to earth feel if you don’t see the expensive stores and cars parked on the streets. 
The pretty streets in Greenwich 
Once we made our way back to the bus we travelled up the east side of the city through China town and then to Little Italy to Mulberry street and we ended up at Aiden and Steve pub.  It was cute but I used it more as a toilet stop. 
Ralph Lauren which is really cool and funky in Greenwich 
I wandered through the streets and enjoyed little Italy and the smells of the yummy food as well Americas “oldest” gun shop. Well that is not something you see in the middle of a major city very often…  a gun store.   
Scout aka O'Neils - on the corner of Mulberry Street 
We headed back to 5th avenue and we did a sex in the city quiz.  I was surprised how much I knew. So I scored an extra cupcake. 
A random store for little Italy 
Once I got off the bus and headed down towards central park again.  And I walked towards 5th Avenue … 

It was sooo busy but I loved the hustle and bustle of it all with a great iPhone photo of the hustle and bustle of it all.
I made a couple of stops in Henry Blende’s and Bergdorf Goodman just to say I had been in there while I couldn’t afford anything in there I still got to enjoy.
Walking along 5th Ave :) 

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