Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day 41 - Macys shopping and some hot chocolate!

Today I was awaken to a very wet Thursday which was disappointing given that I was planning on doing the midday boat ride around the city. 
Rockefeller Centre
So I decided to tackle the Laundromat because I was officially running out of clothes… which I desperately needed my layers given how cold it was.  
Inside Rockefeller Centre 
So walked on down during a break in the rain and enjoyed the sounds of the neighbourhood.
Looking downtown towards New Jersey and Statue of Liberty
Popped the first load on and then the texting began ….  What am I doing … where am i?  did you want to have dinner tonight … etc etc …  He seemed to have worked out my routine as to when I was getting up etc…  Because I was waiting to see what the weather did I was very uncommitted which I am sure was annoying the crappers out of him.
Looking downtown
Went and grabbed some basic shopping and breakfast from starbucks.  The delis on the UWS are some of the best tour book rated and they genuinely are. Cheap quality food and lots of fresh food so I can highly recommend. 
Looking straight down 5th Ave towards Empire State Building
As I waiting for the washing to be done and watching the Chilean miners being rescued from the mine shafts…  I will always remember that day and the way everyone was glued to the flat screen watching it. 
Looking towards Empire State and Chrysler Building 
I ran into my friend from the previous week and she invited me out with her and her partner for the following night.  Seemed like it would fun … So I said yes… this is what it is all about … New experiences and new people… 
Beautiful Sunset downtown
So as I finished up it started to fine up so breakfast was done with; but it was already 11.30am so I decided to skip the cruise and do macy’s because there were some cute stuff to try on.  

Also I wanted do MoMa then afternoon at top of the rock… but someone wanted another coffee… 
So I met him in a cute little square right near Macys called Herald Square…  although his version of a pink shirt varies from mine…  It looked more red (yes I couldn’t remember what he looked like – too many faces and places).  

So one hot chocolate later…  a couple of stolen kisses…  haha and then I was back to macys because it seems I wouldn’t be spending as much time out today as I normally would… 
It turned out to be a perfect day in the end. Full on blue skies and warm so I ended up with just one layer on but I was glad I had the layers later on…
So I did some macys cute top shopping while arguing with the guy at the camera place about the return fee…  why should I have pay $79 when I am wasting 90 mins to go out to there and get back into the city. Such bad customer service – they were friggin useless and rude – I would never use an “insurance” company again like that. 

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