Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 39 - Noho and Wicked on Broadway

I then continued to wander and proceeded to get myself completely lost… and found myself at 14th Street at union square so a quick stop for water and some birthday cards (since I was there) so I wanted to explore more but I was running short of time because it was now 2pm and I had to get my butt back to the subway eventually and I was determined to see more of the neighbourhood while I was here. 
Union Square 
So I wandered further and further towards Greenwich but then I found Bleeker Street again but it didn’t have Greenwich Village feel and as it turned out I was in NOHO. 
Great neighbourhood and this is somewhere else I would consider living.  I stood there with my map trying to work out how to get to the subway and magnolia bakery. 
This is where I had a chance encounter… standing there looking like a tourist with no makeup on and hair not straightened I met someone.  Strange I know. At first I was bit frightened of this very tall man but he was a big teddy bear and such a sweet heart.  He said are you lost?  “No” came my reply just trying to work out where I am. He liked that one and offered to take me for a coffee and at first I said no but he talked me into joining him at starbucks across the street. 

So I had a coffee (hot chocolate with NO marshmallows in my case) and got to know this crazy man who took pity on a lost tourist. We exchanged details and went on our merry ways and me not really expecting to hear from him since I wasn’t looking my best but I had fun that is the important thing right? 

I found my way along Bleeker Street to magnolia bakery!  Wooohooo and I strolled along some of the shops and if I had known that we would have shopping time on the tour tomorrow I wouldn’t have made shopping stops. 
Found it finally and channelled sex in the city because this is the one that they stopped and ate at.  So I grabbed my cupcakes and then made my way to the subway since it was now 4pm and I needed to get back. It was an area of NYC that I hadn’t really seen and it was along 14th street which borders on Soho and the Meatpacker areas. 
So caught the subway back after finding the right stop – public transport is so easy in this city.  Made it back in a quick 20mins from the bottom of the island to almost Harlem – gotta love it.
Found it - Magnolia Bakery  
It Would take you hours to walk it and my poor feet were feeling all the walking I have been doing the past 5 days.  One of my friends were right … NYC is such a massive walking city so comfy shoes are a MUST. 
Magnolia Bakery 
Got ready for Wicked… I was really looking forward to this … but quickly checked email and sure enough the man I had just met mere hours ago had sent me an email… so I was surprised … 
Cobblestoned Streets of Greenwich 
First time in about 2 months I had put on a dress and high heels my feet didn’t really like wearing non walking shoes.  Even though I put band aids on my feet screamed about wearing high heels and mind you they weren’t very high. 
the awesome set of Wicked 
So made it to the Gershwin theatre which was amazing in the décor that they had decorated the foyer with.   Word of warning – going to buy anything from the bar?  You need cash they don’t take card.  I had to go out and get cash out sooooo annoying !  like really annoying!  More walking in my shoes that my feet screamed about it. 
they dress them up good in NoHO
Took my seat and just enjoyed… the set was amazing …  I was a bit concerned that the play had been talked up so much – like a movie that is talked up so much it usually means it is not as good.  The play started a little bit slower than I thought it would.  I was beginning to wonder if this was a good decision but then the whole mood changed and it really stepped up. 
the Foyer at the Gershwin 
It really is a fantastic production and I would love to see it again and again.  It puts a whole new spin on the whole evil witch of the west thing.  I won’t give too much away but it was amazing and I really loved it.
All dressed up and ready to go out ..  
I had forgotten how much I loved going to the theatre with seeing Mama Mia in August with my mummy and then this…  I can’t wait for Mary Poppins to come to Brisbane. 
Tiles of America 
Note to self – don’t drink water at the theatre those toilets are vicious… couldn’t believe how rude people were!  And the room attendant was shocking.  I found the crowds very pushy and rude … 
WS Park 
I was going to go have dinner but to be honest it was freezing and my feet were killing me so I decided to head straight back to the apartment.  My feet were so glad to be sans shoes!  I don’t think I will be wearing anything else for the rest of the trip other than my merrells. 
Yum Yum Cupcake 
When I got back to the apartment I chatted with my new friend on MSN with him trying to get me to change my plans for tomorrow – hell no I am not missing this tour…  tourism before hormones!  But getting to know him better which was the important thing. Not sure he is someone I would end up with in the long term – too demanding for me …  very authoritative and I don’t like that in a boyfriend.  It is like my opinion doesn’t count with guys like that… as I am getting older I am understanding myself better in a relationship and I seem to be rebelling against those qualities. 
The amazing set of Wicked 

So off to bed … excited for the following day… giving my feet a break and doing 3 tours back to back with the Sex in the City tour, Harlem and Upper West/East Side then do the night-time open bus tour. 

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