Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 40 - Uptown to Harlem then back down 5th Ave tour

I headed to the pickup point at central park on 59th street which overlooks the “Pond” which was so picturesque I just loved it.  
Time Warner Building 
 But mind you in all of this I had been getting text after text so it was getting a little hard to keep up with the questions etc.
Christopher Columbus Statue at Columbus Circle which is basically a big roundabout
 But finally the bus arrived only like 30mins late…  It was getting quite cold by that stage… If I had known it was going to take that long, I would have gone back to the apt and rugged up more but the guy said it was only going to be 5 mins. Damm you mr red bus man! 
Dakota Building where John Lennon was tragically killed 
So we went through my hood where I was staying and got to see parts that I wouldn’t get back to see again because time was running out real fast. 
Right near my street along Central Park West 
We headed into Morningside heights past some amazing old buildings including an old hospital which they have closed. 
The Beautiful old hospital 
Past the beautiful Church of John Divine again - yep still stunning.
The statue from the Cathedral of John Divine 
Then through the Columbia University precinct which was beautiful along with the highest point in New York which is significant because majority of New York is flat because during town planning they decided to flatten most of the city to improve traffic flow. 
At the Entrance of Central Park and Columbus Circle 
We travelled past the General Grant memorial  which is also known as Grants Tomb as he was the 18th President of the USA as well being a general in Civil war.  It was surrounded by the beautiful fall colours overlooking the Hudson river and west side highway. 
General Grants Tomb 
Alongside is the majestic Riverside Church which is a interdenominational church of American Baptist and United Church of Christ. 
The Riverside Church 
It apparently has some amazing pipe organs which sound amazing and it is one of the 24th tallest buildings in the world and major contributor to the church was John Rockefeller.  It has seen people such as Martin Luther King and Fidel Castro all speaking at the pulpit.   
The old Tenement buildings 
Then all around Harlem past the famous tenement buildings which have been renovated and gentrified.  We also ventured past the Apollo theatre which is where the Jackson 5 later Michael Jackson  first performed and very famous music hall in the USA
Apollo Theatre 
It saw wonderful performers such as Ella Fitzgerald, The Pips and buddy Holly.  It wonderful spot in Harlem to remember all the greats. 
Statue of Duke of Ellington
They have an array of shopping up there as well which was surprising given the demographic of the neighbourhood there were a lot of chain stores.  I thought they would have a lot more “local” shops. 
the beautiful sunset across the park 
We then travelled around to the beginning of central park to where the 110th street meets the park which also is known as cathedral row and not too far from the Lincoln correctional centre which has some of the best views in the world overlooking the park and it is a prison mere metres away from historical cathedrals and million dollar condos. 
the sunset reflecting on the beautiful old buildings 
At this point there is a great statue of the duke of Ellington overlooking the park which is at the entrance at pioneer gate.  It was the first statue dedicated to a African American and it is said that he was one of the early originators of Jazz music through the cotton club. 
the first real entrance to the park 
As we headed down 5th avenue we saw a amazing sunset with the warm colours hitting the buildings, it was stunning.
Sunset reflecting on the Guggenheim 
I loved the way the warm colours were hitting the walls of the million homes and the Guggenheim museum.
The Met on sunset 
The way the prettiness was coming through the park with the way the trees were being highlighted by the sunshine. It was a perfect fall evening in NYC.  
Nora's Will - channel Sex in the city :) episode I love New York 
Time Warner Towers 
Carnegie Hall 
Trump Towers 
The Gold Trump Towers 
Museum of Natural History 
Cathedral of John Divine 
Highest Point in NYC 
Church of John Divine 

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