Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 40 - Night time Downtown city lights Tour NYC

I headed to times square to pick up the next tour which was the downtown nights tour.  Found a toilet first…  you have to love maccas and free wifi! 
Driving up to Times Square 
It was freezing by this stage but there wasn’t enough time to go back and rug up a bit more.  But got on the bus again in the freezing cold and headed through new york on a open top chilly fall night. What was I thinking?  I could be on a date right now! 
One of the coolest signs in Times Square 
So we explored the downtown area by night-time which was really great and different from the normal day time tour as we headed across to Brooklyn.  It was just a shame they didn’t let the bus stop so we could get a shot from the Brooklyn foreshore. 
Australian News on the news feed 
We headed over the Manhattan bridge because buses and trucks aren’t allowed on Brooklyn Bridge because of the weight of them while it can handle 23 elephants on it but no busses allowed.  But it still gives you a awesome view of the city.
Brooklyn Bridge from the Brooklyn Side 
We drove only for a short while in Brooklyn which mainly encaptured Dumbo (Down under the manhattan bridge overpass) which has been created from old abandoned warehouses which are now loft apartments with views into the city.  
Brooklyn City hall 
Headed back to the city and just enjoyed except for the grumpy kid in the seat next to me – not sure that was the best environment for a toddler – late at night and in the freezing cold no wonder he was grumpy. 
Entrance to Manhattan Bridge 
Got back to Times square around 9.30pm and wandered around times square but by that time I was exhausted I had done 10 hours of touring. 
M&M Store 
But I had to make one stop - M&M store.. OMG this place was amazing! So many different colours and all that Chocolate!!!!! But I was well behaved might have to make a purchase before I go. 
Chocolate is always better 
 I was starving so I got some food and headed to the subway and prayed to god the furnace was actually working tonight.
looking across to the Brooklyn Bridge and the City 
But nope no such luck … So a hot shower and rugged up on the couch watching bad American shows while chatting with someone on MSN  and maybe the possibility of another coffee catch up tomorrow but it will depend on the weather.
Back into the city 
I was thinking of doing the circle line tour around the island if the weather was this nice then maybe the top of the rock on the way back to the apartment dependent on time of course. 
looking towards the empire state building 
But a certain someone was pushing for a proper date so I will see how the coffee date goes but I did like him but hey it was fun and great for holidays.  J
Times Square 
5th Ave near Times Square looking towards ESB 
New York Library 
The very bright Disney Sign 

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