Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 33 - First Full Day in NYC

Woke up feeling very lazy and not at all motivated to get out so I went back to sleep for another hour or so, just because I could.
Late Afternoon in Times Square 
It was the first time in weeks I had done that because I had been always up for bag pulls or such limited time to see somewhere so I didn’t sleep in apart from the days at the B&B.
Times Square - Hershey 
So awake and refreshed so I unpacked and put everything in the drawers and cupboards so I could literally live like a human. So I took my bottle of water and went for a walk around Jacqueline Onassis reservoir only wishing I had brought my camera but it was kind of nice just to enjoy.
Times Square 
Then headed back to the apartment and grabbed the little trolley and went for a walk to find the Laundromat by this stage I was starving but given that I was dragging my washing through Harlem I decided I would turn around and go the other way then find somewhere when my washing was going through. So I waited until I found the Laundromat, put the washing on and investigated some of NYC famous delis and got myself some food because by then I could eat a horse. 
Times Square  
Settled in to do the washing and did some blog writing and emails while I was at the Laundromat.  I have to say while the washers are quick you have to watch the dryers and that is where the price goes up and up so I will keep an eye on that for next time.
Times Square 
But It was a real experience in being one of NYC Laundromat and it is an awesome place to people watch. Even made a friend with a gal who lived up near 59th St but works up this way and it was so cool to be sitting there chatting and getting to know each other.
Broadway at the Phantom of the Opera  
I took myself back to the apartment through the beautiful brownstone streets and the awesome fall colours falling around me.  I officially fell in love with NYC at that moment.  I really wished I had my camera with me. 
the famous shake shack 
I got myself ready and straightened the hair although it took me a while to work where to plug the hair straightener in.  Then headed down to the subway for the first time since I arrived 2 weeks prior.
But first thing first I had to buy was my fortnightly subway ticket for all of $52 – seriously $52!!! How awesome is that… we just wouldn’t pay that here it is ridiculous and I could go out to Brooklyn, Queens everywhere on the MTA grid and ride as much as I wanted for as long as I wanted every day.  We pay way too much for our public transport here.
at the TKTS stairs  
Headed through Times Square to the hotel and waited for the Welsh crew to arrive.  I saw quite a few of the tour friends coming back from their day adventures and got to catch up with some of them again also gave me a chance to get to know some of them a bit better.
Times Square
But the Welsh crew never showed L we got our wires crossed she thought I was meeting them at the Empire state building and I thought it was the lobby of the hotel.
American Eagle at Times Square
But I didn’t want to leave in case they came back but I waited until 7.30pm but decided to head to Times Square and adventure around there at night time. While I sad not to see them for a last time but I knew I was going next week once the pass set in. 
Giggle! Thinking of you gals! 
I decided to have a burger at one of the places at time square but I have to say … so overpriced and never again… while yes it was a gourmet one it was still horribly expensive and I couldn’t eat all of it. $30 and my very full stomach and I headed back to the apartment. I have to say riding the subway of a night is an experience but I felt perfectly safe.
Times Square
The one thing I did learn that night apart from working out the difference between uptown and downtown - thanks Judah for the help with that - but to get in the very front carriage since the subway goes for like 3 city blocks so it is sooooo long.
Looking down Broadway  
So I learnt that if I got the first one I could walk straight out to the stairs and walk home in like 3 mins. I felt perfectly safe and carefree in my hood.  I love my piece of New York heaven! I fell asleep that night listening to the noises of the big city smiling because it was finally real.

Times Square

Looking towards Empire State Building 
Times Square
Times Square
Times Square  

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