Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

Happy mother’s day to all the mothers I know. You all rock. And to my own mum..... My Mum has made me laugh.....Wiped my tears .....Hugged me tight..... Watched me succeed..... Saw me fall... Cheered me on..... Kept me going strong..... And..... reminded me that I am loved and valued in this world, Drove me a little crazy at times.....But my Mum is a friend forever! If you can't in honour of your mum, when can you?!

Above is a status that I have reposted from one of my FB friends.  It thought out of all the Mother’s Day Status’s it was the most appropriate. 

The photos are some shots that I have taken this weekend with family here from Sydney and me volunteering at the mother’s day classic for NBCF.
The Brisbane Wheel 
While I may never be a mum doesn’t mean that I can’t celebrate it for my mum; even though she is currently at Kings Canyon.
So thank you to my mum for being my mum.  I love you so much and appreciate all the love that you have shown me all my life.  My mum is a beautiful soul inside and out.  While as a teenager I didn’t like the rules and discipline but at least we grew up with it … I wouldn’t be the person that I am today without it.
The CBD from Southbank 
Today we are too busy or too stressed to bring up our children the same way we were brought up. My mum didn’t get her first job as a parent until we were 14 … we all had part time jobs by the time we were 14 and had worked at odd jobs around the neighbourhood. While my nieces think it is beneath them to work the same jobs we do. I shake my head at that one? 
The CBD from Southbank
I must admit I was lucky in that my mum was there when I got home every day from school. Took us to our after school jobs and activities but mind you she dispatched dad to pick us from the school dances.
Brisbane Wheel at Dawn
before the crowds of MDC 
Kept us out of trouble with boys and girlfriends loved us all unconditionally even when we were horrible girls to her. My mum hasn’t had it easy… with a lot of operations due to a horse trampling on her when she was young.  Her constant pain from her mouth and the taunts that also caused but it is funny I never thought of my mum that way.  I just always saw it as part of her and never talked about it as it was just mum.
The CBD from Southbank at Dawn 
So thank you to my mum for being a awesome loving mum even as a army wife and the fact that she had to do a lot of single hand raising along with the continual moving. Although my brothers continual visits to the hospital because of his antics at school and having to deal with dragging us all there on a regular basis.
The CBD from Southbank 
Coming from a family of 6 kids it is hard to compete for the love and the affection needed but my mum was always there with a cuddle and reassurance for us all.
The CBD from Southbank
Even now as a adult she is there reassuring me and loving me although is not too happy about the fact that I want to move to north America. But she is still there loving me and reassuring me that I am valued. Even during some of my dark days during recent times she has comforted me and reassured me. Came home early from one of their extended trips so I could have an operation and stayed here to care and look after me, not once but twice in a fortnight. Not many people will do that.
The CBD from Southbank 
So thank you for being my mum – I love you more than you realise. 

Xoxox one your youngest ! J    


  1. What a lovely post and awesome photos. xx

  2. Thank you Marsha... I Hope you had a awesome Mothers Day ... and the boys spoilt you rotten