Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Travelling Shoes - Part 2

Travelling shoes – back from San Francisco with some of my favourite images

Well as you all know I had high expectations for this trip because it was going to be stage 2 of a life change.  Well I worked up until the day before which took a lot of the anxiousness out of the trip.
Getting ready to leave 
My darling sister took me to the airport with her growling at me because I was still getting ready because I had to clean so I was coming home to clean and tidy place.  We got there with plenty of time to spare and even talked the Qantas lady into blocking off the seat beside me.  I have no idea how I managed to pull it off but I did.
Leaving Brisbane  
Travelled across to USA shores and the shoes thought it was funny when the customs man asked where my Tim Tams were....   then made my way to the American airlines terminal and they were very happy to see the Starbucks in the terminal – Starbucks Double Choc Chunk cookie and skinny hot chocolate.. Hello my old friends. My shoes and I were really happy to be back!
I sat and people watched in the terminal which was so much fun.  I love to people watch and here were all the accents which I love love.  Boarded the plane and promptly fell asleep … my shoes and I were very happy.
Hobart Building along Market Street 
Made my way through the terminal and the shuttle buses to drive into the city although the shoes and I were very disappointed with the weather as it seemed like I had brought the bad weather with me.
Union Square Hearts 
Although leaving my iPhone on the shuttle was not the best idea.  I went for a walk downtown and was almost moping the shoes kept on telling me that it would reappear.  It is funny I was wanting to take my first hydrant shot and realised I didn’t have the iphone so I couldn’t do it but then the shoes reminded me that I had the big camera.  Duh!
San Fran downtown 
We wandered around the city and up the stupid hills – the shoes and I really don’t like hills but carried me lovingly around San Francisco shopping and sightseeing and didn’t like it much when I went to replace them at Merrells.
Napa Waterfront  
They ventured with me as I went adventuring to Napa to meet the wonderful E and took some photographs. I have admired her work for a long time now and glad I finally got to meet her but we mainly just chatted and got to know each other while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Napa valley.
Napa Waterfront  
They joined me the following day when it was pouring with rain and then making the questionable food choices which ended up changing the whole trip for me.  Damm trying to eat healthy and organically… yes I made healthy food choices and look what happened! 
St Helena

While the company has been nice about the whole thing ...  I am still waiting to see a genuine gesture in terms of the fact that because someone probably didn't thaw the chicken properly and ended up ruining my holiday and badly affected my performance in the course. It is really starting to get to me because I am still suffering from it which apparently according to my doctor and witch doctors is normal given how bad it was.  If they aren't careful I will name and shame! Yes I have my cranky pants on about this...  
They took me so lovingly to the hospital and tried to make sure I didn't throw up again in the taxi along with pondering why I thought throwing up mere hours before was better instead of running to the toilet.  What was I thinking?  So they travelled with me as looking as sexy as anything with my “I love Chocolate” p’js to the hospital.
Presido Yacht Club  
They were so nervous for me walking in to the classroom for the first time and hoping along with me that no one would notice me sneaking in so late.  Also my first tentative steps on the microphone since I had absolutely no voice and thinking I should not have come.
Golden Gate Park 
They lovingly carried me to class the next day when I felt like death warmed up and also the constant running to the toilet.  Along with taking me home to sob on my phone to my mum at lunch.  That day was so tough because all I wanted to do was give up and go home because I just wanted my mummy.  But glad when I dug deep inside and decided to stay and struggle through because I knew that I wouldn’t be able to fly back if I went home now.
K K, Me and S - having fun at Vista Point 
Also the first day on the bus doing the city tour with no voice and me trying not to throw up all over the bus.  Like me were very grateful for the fresh air at Fisherman’s Wharf knowing that I had a nervous afternoon ahead as we did the next stage of the city tour so were happy when I just watched the sea lions and enjoyed the bay breezes.
there is a sign in there 
They lovingly cared for me as the week progressed and still feeling so very sick along with the constant stomach upset. Also me lamenting that I wasn’t getting to bond with anyone because I was too sick every day and I was going back to the hotel room and collapsing.  I felt this was such a valuable thing to do because these people will form the strong network that we all need to love and support each other..
First Foot steps in the snow  
But they were there when I had a minor break down about how sick I still was and along with the fact I had to still study for an exam.  They were there with me as Ted talked me out of leaving and consoled me as a cried about the constant pain and sickness.  I never want to get that sick again so far from home.
They carried me as I freaked and studied madly with S all through lunch the next day in order to at least pass.  They were secretly very happy when I got an A+ with only 2 half questions wrong. Pleased also when I bowed to peer pressure and went out to dinner with everyone else under the illusion of studying for our resume review the following day.  An awesome night and me actually eating my first semi real meal with some vegetable broth and bread.
that is some Snow!    
The next day for the formal photos – hating them as much as me and the fun of the girls taunting me and making me laugh while getting my photo taken.  A little bit of information in certain people’s hands can be very dangerous. I really hate being in front of the camera really hate it...  So S and I headed back to my place so I could get changed from my business attire to much warmer clothing but even then I should have gone warmer...  The shoes along with me froze as soon as we got back downstairs. 
There is a house in there - Lake Tahoe 
They enjoyed the adventure around San Francisco and seeing parts that we had not experienced yet and me eating my first “real” meal at North Beach. They were excited when it seemed to stay in … explored San Francisco, going down Lombard Street enjoying a Sprite with the Commodore of the Presido Yacht club, the bunkers of Marin County, Point Cavallo and so much more.
Snowball fight anyone?  S, Me and R!   
The next day enjoying the city tour a bit better despite still not feeling the best but so glad when I rocked my presentation on the tour and got another A.  Along with the antics on a wall at the Point Vista with the Gals and So happy for the sunshine and actually feeling better. Even brave enough to have a real meal in terms of a hamburger etc but then again when I felt like I wanted to throw up again with about 30 mins so hid on some stairs while the gals shopped. Also pondered with me that I still like I am on the back foot compared with everyone because I have been so sick all week along with not getting all the required readings done. Yes I was freaking myself out.   
Sunrays as we drove back into San Francisco  
Then when we went out adventuring that night and the mischief that we all managed and saw a first experience in with me so what happens in San Fran stays in San Fran. So pleased that I have an awesome night with lots of laughter and bonding with the gals.
Our Awesome Graduation Cake 
Then as the week progressed the constant wheel of studying and getting to know the girls and supporting the girls as we struggled with different aspects of the course. Then as we took ourselves off to adventure to the Sierra Nevada’s with a pit stop at Sacramento. Then with the next presentation which was the most nerve racking one because it was 5 mins without notes.  Also as we travelled through a snow storm and it was so awesome seeing that much snow.
Walking across the amazing Golden Gate  
Along with our pit stop in Truckee because we needed to take the snow chains off and toilet stop was required but so pleased to be happy to be in snow again.
K K, Me and S at Chinatown ... after they had Sake 
They were glad with the chance of real quality snow and potential snowball fight which we finally got with 2 of the gals as we waited for the snow chains to be removed. But they weren’t impressed when the lunch stop made me really sick and I mean really sick. They lovingly cared for the next day as I tried to study with S and the constant running to the toilet.
Palace of Fine Arts  
The shoes were worried when the following night out with the gals when I was supposed to be studying my Irish presentation.  But oh what a night and it was so worth it and every second. Then on the last day together we laughed and giggled as I fluffed my way through my final presentation because I was so tired because of our late night.  Then were sad when I dressed up for graduation and said goodbye to everyone not only because they got left at home but also the fact that I had to say goodbye to some pretty amazing people.
S and Me at Ocean Beach having Fun
The following day they rejoiced with me with the amazing weather and the walk across the golden gate bridge along with the fun we had in Chinatown and the top of the mark at the Intercontential.
Pacific Ocean at Ocean Beach San Francisco 
Took me lovingly to my exit interview and had to say goodbye to everyone again. Then the lazy day wandering around Palace of Fine Arts and  enjoying the amazing view of the Pacific Ocean. They were glad when I talked the gals into going down to the shoreline and dipping my toes in the ocean ….  Albeit just the other side to what they are used to. Then they got teary with me when I had to say goodbye to K K for the final time. Broke my heart to say goodbye so I was dreading saying goodbye to S.  If saying goodbye to K K was so hard I hate to imagine what saying goodbye to S was going to be like.
Then the next day feeling so hot and loving every second of Alcatraz with all the history that it brings with it and then enjoying watching the sunset over the bay and golden gate bridge along with final drinks with S it was a fun night.
S at Golden Gate Park and the Cherry Blossoms 
Then saying goodbye to S and then only to have her return back to me mere hours later because her flight was cancelled.  To wander and enjoy the warmth and sunshine at Golden Gate Park together then dinner at that yummy Italian place at North Beach.   But didn’t really enjoy the hot chocolate at the Rome Steps which I have to say the worst I have ever tasted.  I mean bad!.
Muir Woods 
Then saying goodbye to S the following day but it was a very tried me saying goodbye.  Then adventuring around Muir Woods with R and the gals we had an awesome time.  Followed by the yummy dinner at Sausalito then enjoying me driving back into the city across the Golden Gate Bridge.
Hyde Street Pier  
They joined me in moping around the city the following 2 days because I was missing my gals so much. Although not impressed with the new purchase of Merrells although they do take relief that they aren’t waterproof.
TransAmercia Building 
They travelled home with me happy this time to be going home and glad to see my bed and pillow.  Although they aren’t too happy about being in the cupboard because I am still breaking in the new shoes and they are getting worried that I don’t seem happy because of the lack of being able to get a job and constantly follow up for more rejection.   Also the lack of money and turning down the promotion has me concerned but deep down accept that it was the right decision not to take the promotion.
Bye Bye Golden Gate San Francisco 
While I have changed my plans in moving overseas it just might take longer than I planned on because of trying to get work along with even getting a job in Australia.  Absolutely devastated with me when I am getting each rejection especially when the company I really wanted turned me down. I can only hope that the constant following up will help. Because I really want this and I don’t think I can survive in my current role for much longer it is just too demoralising. 
North Beach
Overall to say goodbye to my wonderful new friends, apart from being so sick the whole time, it was one of the hardest things I had to do. It is funny these beautiful smart intelligent women have made me feel so loved and valued. In a lot of ways they have been more supportive of me than my own family and some friends back here. While that makes me feel sad it also shows who your true friends are when the chips are down. My awesome classmates were simply amazing and supportive and took the sick and ill aussie under their wing. Cared for me and showed me sincerity when it was not expected so thank you my wonderful friends it was so very appreciatedI would like to think I have made some truly amazing friends for life.  
Black and white to match the gray day at
Golden Gate Bridge from Presido Yacht club 
I want the new life to start and that is just probably me being impatient but I have been waiting for 6 months since I made the decision.  It has been tough to be home but still hoping and praying that they will get to travel back with me overseas again.
the 4 of us ...  I miss them every day  


  1. your photos are awesome! you are a wonderful person and I am lucky to call you a friend.

    xoxo, erin

  2. AWWWW thanks Miss Erin... Thank you for your lovely lovely comments it means so much to me. Can't wait to come back and see you again. You just like because you got a mention haha Hopefully next time we will photograph more and talk less... haha YEAH As IF! xoxo