Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 39 - Greenwich

Given how late I was up and the fact that my feet were killing me I decided to have a slow start and finally caught the subway at about 11ish and give that I hadn’t really eaten since yesterday lunch time I was surprised I wasn’t more hungry. 
ESB in Sunshine 
But first things first … booking the Sex in the City tour for tomorrow!  Woohoo can’t wait! 
ESB from 5th Avenue
But there was a vendor on the corner of the street and central park west so I could grab an apple and headed to the subway … first stop empire state building – to collect the tripod. 
Looking towards the Flatiron District 
Made it there finally and had to pass through about 4 security check points but I got to go into a part of the ESB that most people don’t get to go because the security lady was too busy to take me all the way down. 
Flatiron Building 
It was pretty cool to be allowed down there and the security was tight, as I was told in a very stern voice to stay there and they would get it for me. 
The amazing architecture - I love the colours and textures 
So I caught the big red bus again and headed down to Greenwich since the weather was nice I decided I wanted to be outside all day today and enjoy a beautiful NYC day. 
I love the feeling and the look of the buildings 
I got off at Greenwich and found my way to an awesome pizza shop where I had the first experience of a New York pizza slice.  OMG so yummy and didn’t realise I was so hungry… but one slice was enough!  I was so full afterwards….   Very bad for my body but still very yummy.  
my first slice of NYC pizza 
I walked along Bleeker street looking for a certain bakery but as it turned out I was going the wrong way or I didn’t go far enough – can’t remember. 
One of the many thousands of parks in NYC 
Found a cute shoe store!  Shoes! Hello! Found a cute pair of boots that actually fitted but they were brown. 
looking towards the accident along 5th Ave 
I wanted black and slightly higher heel but at least I knew I had found a pair that fitted but decided not to buy as it gave me hope that I could find a black pair.    
Lest we forget 
So I strolled along and enjoyed the feel of the village.  So far after the upper west side this is one of my favourite areas. 
they were just as eager to get to sephora as I was 
I stumbled on Christopher Park which was where the first stand about Gay rights at the Stonewall Inn which is right outside the park. There a crackdown in 1967 on gay establishments and there were 13 arrests at the Stonewall Inn that night.
Christopher Park - where the movement of gay legitimization 
The following day there was a protest to legitimize gay rights.  The first real success for the gay movement and this is how Christopher Park was established because it was on Christopher street and right outside the stonewall. 
the memorial towards the Gay movement 
From there I discovered the tiles of American monument which was so poignant as it is one of the last real memorials to 9/11 left in the city. 
Montage of the Tiles of America 
The city has removed all of the memorials as a sign of the city coming back to life and reinventing itself through moving on from those tragic events that Tuesday morning 10 years ago but they kept this one created by children around the USA and the world.   
the picture doesn't do these streets justice 
So I continued to wander in the hope of trying to find Magnolia bakery but never ended up finding it during this stage of my adventure. 
in Greenwich Village on W 4th Street 
I just strolled along the amazing streets with the beautiful brownstones and cobbled stone roads.  It was so amazing … this is what I have always envisioned when I was here in New York and it was perfect. 
the beautiful streets 
The only thing that lacks in NYC because people always abuse the privilege is a toilet!  So I had to buy a drink at Maccas to get access to the toilet so annoying. 
One of the cool eateries in Greenwich 
I finally found 5th avenue and then eventually Washington square park which is the official end of 5th Avenue which is one of the few avenues that ends before the tip of the island. 
the End of 5th Ave at Washington Square park 
So I sat and enjoyed and soaked the sunshine in….  I loved it with the uni students the nannys ‘s and tourists it is a great park.
Washington Square park
The park is surrounded by NYU and most of the buildings are owned by NYU. It used to be farmland, graveyard and then finally a solider marshalling area.  The famous arch was built to commemorate the inauguration of the then new president in George Washington.
Washington Square park 
It was a big meeting place for many musicians during the beatnik area in New York and I think that is why it has a real laid back and even bohemian feel – I was channelling August Rush which is a very music focused love story – one of my favourite New York movies. 
Washington Square park 
As I walked from the park I made a quick stop at the Washington Mews which is the oldest residential street with many of the homes preserved from a bygone era. 
Washington Mews 
I loved this area of NYC – I was falling more in love with this city with every day …  the reality that I was leaving in 9 days was sneaking up too fast for my liking! 
Washington Mews 
I did some shopping while I was down there with some great shops which seem to mainly cater to the uni market but I got some cute tops from Loft which is now my officially new favourite store. 
Washington square Arch and the end of 5th Ave 
I wandered along I think it was Broadway or 4th Avenue I can’t be sure…  and found myself near the beautiful grace church which is a beautiful French Gothic Style church …  Sooo pretty
Grace Church 
Then the Strand Bookstore; If I had more time and money I would have been there for hours and spent a LOT more money. 

The fountain at WSP 
Angela from my Rockies tour recommended that I make a stop there and I am so glad she did…  I probably would have missed it otherwise. 
looking from the Uni across the park 
So I made one purchase… Breakfast at Tiffanies by Truman Capote … my airplane book for next week L
University buildings 

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