Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 38 - Empire State Building - see dreams do come true !

See dreams to do come true… why can’t I seem to make other ones come true!

I decided to go to the empire state building but wanted to wait for the night time crowds to clear I ended up browsing through Macys and surrounds for an hour or so until they all started to close.

But the one thing that I found was that while I was hungry I wasn’t really finding anything to inspire me to buy. Argggh  how was this possible.  I didn’t feel like sitting by myself and waiting for dinner… 

So made the decision at about 10pm to just head up to the empire state building and made my way through the 30’s designed art deco lobby.  I loved it! 

Then went through security but I had to leave my tripod!  Aarrggghhh so annoying!  Then through to the ticket box … 

NOTE: if you choose the film option as a extra do it BEFORE you go up! 
Also the 106th Floor is not really worth it… you can’t really see that much because you are inside.
Note to self!  RECHARGE the battery on the camera!!!!!! 
When I got up onto the viewing platform… not only did the cold take my breath away but also the amazing view!!!!  Wow wow wow wow ..Nothing really prepares you for it! I did the happy dance as I walked down the ramp to the viewing area... It was truly overwhelming and you really get a idea on how big this city really is...  it is nothing short of awe inspiring.   
I managed to get a couple of photos off but it was hard because it was windy and no tripod so I just enjoyed the view. With the audio commentary it was great.  I really enjoyed it.  The view was nothing short of awesome. 

So I eventually tore myself away and the fact the camera had a flat battery.  It was so much fun!  I highly recommend doing this one of a night with the view to the Chrysler building. Do the rock during the day because of the view to the park. 

I took myself back to the apartment I think about midnight or later and it was along that trip that I realised that I forgot my tripod!  Doh!  That means I have to go back for it in the morning.
I was still wide awake when I got home but had a chance to catch with friends in Australia!  Finally got to bed around 1am … still realising that I was hungry …not only forgot to get the tripod … I forgot to eat!  Bedtime and ready for wicked tomorrow! 

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