Thursday, September 9, 2010

Inspirational Friends

My purchase to match the passport... Very me...  Princess on A Budget

The points of Inspiration

My friends have been really great in keeping me focused on the goal. Which brings me to the pink passport cover and the pink striped pillow. My beautiful friend Kelly gave me 3 things for my birthday in 2007 which were the pink passport cover and she made me put in somewhere I would be reminded of it every day.  So every time I walked past my wall unit it has taunted me and tempted me...  Kept it in the plastic to keep it perfect the date and time when I would eventually use it. The plastic finally came off on 21st April and proudly put my passport in there. That was a great day...

The striped squidgy pillow well it is pretty much because it is pink :) so it will be my travel companion as I adventure half way around the world.

Of course the Lonely planet guide - the New York encounter. I would be lying if I didn't say that this didn't inspire to plan the 2 weeks that I am spending in NYC.  I had always thought 5-7 days would be enough but after I read that, I think I will be lucky to see the bare minimum in the 2 weeks that I am there.

The wallaby jersey I picked up today from my wonderful friend Julie who just happens to work for Canterbury clothing...  and that is my birthday present Hehe. So I will wear it with pride and well Julie and I know the rest ...  

So these gifts has been keeping me going for the past year - as soon as my boss sat me down this time last year and told me to do what I have to do to get myself overseas .. so I did and here I am 2 sleeps away and still not packed... Nothing like leaving it until the last minute..  It has kind of snuck up on me...  I think I have lost a weekend somewhere but can't seem to get it back.  So this is my way of saying thank you to my friends both online and the ones I see every day.  As I have wanted to travel for well over 12 years and when it got cancelled last year due to the maternity leave I was devastated to say the least.  But right now I think I am in a better head space than I was this time last year without a doubt.  So just wanted to share my inspirations and how wonderful my friends are...

The packing still not done

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