Friday, September 10, 2010

1 Sleep to go with the feet and back feeling it..

I think I have finally hit a wall...  very tired.. still have a website to finish put all the clothes away that I am not taking...dye my hair.. put my tart toes on and clean the bathroom... Which I think I might leave until the morning... But a big thank you must go out to my wonderful parents..  Who have been so supportive and when a very stressed Eileen begged for help on wednesday they spent most of the afternoon here.  Then the wonderful packing guru Maree came and helped me cull ...  this is when I got the below photo... The beautiful Lachlan helping us pack by taking everything out of the case for me.. :) So thank you for all your wonderful support, messages today, phone calls and the unwavering Love and hopefully my next post will be from the Western Shores of the Pacific in the beautiful Vancouver :) and Nope still hasn't hit me yet...

The adorable Lachlan :) 

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  1. Are you having to much fun to blog now?????? Pfft make us sign up and then NOTHING...... LOL