Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 1 - Vancouver

I arrived to typical Vancouver day... overcast.. little bit chilly and possibility of rain...  when I got into my hotel Alison my wonderful facebook friend had a note waiting for me with translink passes ... and directions to MEC.. Mountain Equipment Co-op...  got a nice warm vest although went originally went looking for gortex but this was a good solution..  and a nice pink wool shirt..  kept me warm..  I followed her instructions and the girl at the bus stop helped me as well. So just caught the bus up to W Broadway within a hour of me arriving...  and then had fun shopping and enjoying looking at the beautiful view...

W Broadway
A Pretty Street just off Broadway

a Real Red fire Hydrant
Then I caught the train from there.. great quick little subway clean and felt very safe catching it too. Took me right to where I needed to go...  Discovered the Canadian staple...  Tim Hortons...  found their muffins to be very sugary ...  made my way to Sephora..  and who would have thought that so many pale people lived in Vancouver ... they had sold out of my foundation...  tried Sears.. they didn't sell that brand.. now for those who haven't been here... It is just like Myer... with Holt Renfrew like David Jones... but more expensive...  So got frustrated and found other things to buy...  well I am me...  took some photos as I walked around downtown..  Loved the fact that I looked down most streets I got to see the mountains on the North Shore...
Can't remeber which street but the moody north shore mountains

A Few things that I have worked out about Vancouver so far.. STARBUCKS is everywhere...  I mean everywhere... they have Super IGA's every where which is great..  They have the typical Northern American cars.. the big utes... just like you see in the movies and SUV's ...  more to come tomorrow on that one... :)

It was 6pm by this stage..  shops were still idea of heaven shops open on the weekends until 7pm... fantastic...  but it started to rain and I had to get out of the rain ..  it was just too depressing... bit of a downer ... so put on my sexy (not so much) rain poncho..  went back to the hotel and went straight to dinner..  talked them into rushing my dinner ..  because it was just starting to hit me and started to fall asleep ... So went back upstairs relaxed in my bath.. oh how I miss you ...  then chatted with everyone on FB then slept for 12 straight hours!!!!


  1. Wow cool posting. Good to see you had an excellent start to your trip. love ya heaps.

  2. umm who is this? it is only showing as Anonymous?