Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Welcome to the journey

I have been thinking about this for a while and wondering if this is too egotistical or whether I need to keep this all private but me being me ... I love to share and we live in a society where we share everything.... But then again it will be a great way to begin my trip journey and remind myself what i did ...

As many as you know this is my first trip overseas.. while I am excited about the journey, I am nervous.. have I made my schedule too tight and going to wear myself out. After the year I have had this is always going to be a issue but I would like to think that it I will just put it all behind me the sleepiness, the depression and continuing hatred of oneself.

So just to give you a brief rundown of me... I am the youngest of 6 ... well technically the youngest because I am a twin but I was first out because my twin pushed me out and been doing ever since... hehe I am a aunty to 6 Nieces and 2 Nephews. I like to see everyone as having good in them and really hate being cynical about people but I do get a feel for most people when I meet them. I have never been overseas and this is my first time... I have been studying or working ... coming from a middle class background I grew up with a very strong work ethic so the thought of me having 2 months off work is scary.. I pretty much spend 99% of my time by myself... so Facebook is a good outlet for me... I feel less alone that way .. I struggle with the loneliness.. I always have but then again I would rather be alone than be in a bad relationship. But I have gotten to the stage now where some days I just prefer it and I am a homebody... I would like to think that I am not one of those girls that needs to be with a man... while it is probably not politicly correct to say that.. It is just how some people are. But I do hope and dream of meeting THE ONE... but not sure he exists anymore..

I am a girly girl... but I love my jeans and cargos and that is what you will find me in most weekends... No makeup and thongs and casual clothing... but hair will be straightened with my bright pink hair straightener... I love my makeup, I love Alannah Hill fashion.. Just wish i was skinny enough to fit into them... But on the other side of the coin ... I don't do well in high heels, can't put on nail polish .. but i love wearing my tart toes... I don't travel without my moisturiser, foundation, GHD, Mascara, Brow pencil and Lip gloss... I love cupcakes... and make awesome ones, I love chocolate... I have a really good group of friends but they rarely mix mainly because I prefer the one on one time with them and very different to each other. I love to wear ribbons in my hair but rarely do it... I rarely shave my legs because I don't need to ... but need to wax my eyebrows every 3 weeks... and they must be done a certain way because I have odd shaped eyes. I often get mistaken for in my 20's which I am grateful for... I hate my body .. really hate it .. I have put on weight and lost it so many times that I have lost count... So I am doing it slow this time and hopefully see some results... I really struggle with how people/teenagers talk to each other these days... I am big big believer in Karma... What goes around comes around... Most of all I am striving to achieve happiness... The moments have been few and far between this year... so I am hoping the next 7 weeks will see a lot more moments of those...

One thing I forgot to add ... About me.. I am clumsy, biggest Klutz in the world.. Trip over my own feet .. I was reminded of this as i went to put a load of washing on. I do lists in my head and then get annoyed with myself when I forget something... I am messy 80% of the time but when I clean ... I clean!!!! you don't want to be here when that happens...


  1. Hey Eils - looking forward to reading about your journey. Take lots of deep breaths and relax. Travel is the best way to broaden not only your mind but your circle of friends. Capture and treasue every moment. The world is an exciting place xxx