Sunday, January 3, 2010

In the past decade...

I moved out of home for good finished my TAFE degress had 4 operations - 3 of those within 6 months of each other cut back my partying - found i was too old put on weight and lost weight and hopefully do it for good this year had my heart broken every year of the decade and the same guy from responsible for 4 of those I spent most weekends studying or sleeping and going to the movies I hated my 30th birthday party developed my love for taking photos dyed my hair blonde then went back to brunette a year later  I went to my nanas funeral and cried all thru the wake I thought I met the man of my dreams only have him break my heart more than I thought was possible I spent most of 2008 and 2009 truly hating myself I got my dream marketing job and question every day if this is the right career for me consoled my nieces and nephew as my sister made the best decision in separating from their dad I saw 2 nieces and 2 nephews come into this world watched in horror the tragedy of 9/11 finished my uni degree something i never thought i would do said goodbye to 4 people in my life from my beloved nana, aunties uncles to friends parents realised how easily terrorism and natural disasters can touch our lives from the Bali Bombings, London Bombings, Boxing Day Tsunami, Black Saturday seen many friends leave my life and come back into my life experienced more of Australia in Melbourne, Sydney and Queensland made the decision to live by myself changed job twice learnt I can't have kids naturally learnt I need to deal with my problems instead of brushing them aside do a whole lot of missing for opportunities that I have let pass me by trying to still work out what I want to do with my life  I started a blog and not sure what direction this is going to take

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