Sunday, April 1, 2012

Week 12 | Mother |

My mum … where do I start – born in the 1940s the youngest of 3 – nana was the middle somewhere of 13 … I am the youngest of 6 with a twin who is 30 mins younger. 
My mum hasn't had it easy … born with a facial lump she was subjected to many a controversial treatment to find out exactly what it was or how to remove it. It has never been successful.  But the over the years it has reduced in size.  But I think it helped to create the person she is today.  I just accepted mum for what she is .. and when anyone made a snide remark I would give it to them. 
I was named after both Mum and Dads Mums....
Nana was Dolly Eileen and  dads mum died long before me was Eileen 
When she was 12 she was trampled by a horse which broke every bone in her body.  She raised us almost single handed with my dad away a lot because of the army.  With most of their early married years in Vietnam serving our country with popping kids out about every 18 months. The family moved 3 times before we arrived in Brisbane in 1979. 
with one of her beloved grandkids 
Mum and dad loved here … the warm weather in contrast with Melbourne’s cold weather.  Especially with mums mouth it was less achy.  So we settled here – she raised us sent us to catholic school in order to instill the same values that she grew up with. 
Mum and Dads Ruby Anniversary a couple of years ago...
Married on remembrance day 40 years  ago 
I have inherited my mums pale skin… my dad’s curly hair and sweet tooth.  My mums creative talent not a scratch came to me, she can knit, sew, spin wool, create and me nothing…I struggle to sew buttons on … but I did get my dad’s passion for adventure and travel. 
Mum with the first grandson...  I love his face in this one 
While she will never understand why I want to move overseas, yet she won’t fly due to a inner ear issue to understand why I love overseas so much.  I will love her always while she doesn't always support my decisions.

While I have made my peace with the fact that I will probably never have kids or get married.  She hasn’t …  god love you for that mum. She still hasn’t given up hope on that particular wish.

So thank you for being my mum. 

Special Thanks to my sister Acct Photography - because the 2 photos are hers because mum doesn't like to be photographed.  

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